Last Friday from 9am to noon in the gym, 7th grade students exercised their math, creative and marketing skills as they sold products to the entire school body. Powered with information from school surveys to determine which products were marketable and $45 to $60 loans from their parents, each group of three to four students had their eyes set on being the team to make the most profit.

The best part is their profit had great purpose. Mrs. Clapper, 7th grade Math teacher said, “We made over $800.00 in profit. The money goes toward a student we have been sponsoring in Haiti for the past three years. Her name is Cephora.”

Popular items included fidget spinners, lotion bars, stress balls, summer sand, infinity cubes and legendary laces. To market their products, each team created posters and hung them throughout the SCCS campus the week before the sale.

“Students are uninterested if they cannot see the purpose in what they are learning. My hope is that this project gives them a reason to find value in the topics we have covered over the year,” shared Mrs. Clapper.

“It is an opportunity to connect math to other subjects and give the students a chance to be creative.”

The winning team comprised of Sabrina Banke, McKenna Edwards, Evie Frields and Kyla Walker, created food theme soaps. They  made over 366% profit. Students enjoyed this hands-on experience to be creative while learning.

“This project is a culmination of everything we have learned in Pre-Algebra,” continued Mrs. Clapper. “I hope that students see that everything we have learned is actually applicable in real world situations.”

When asked her perspective on teaching 7th grade, Mrs. Clapper shared, “7th grade is such a fun age. They are super quirky and have such a desire to learn and do well. They are just beginning to discover who they are and what the Lord has for them. It is a privilege to be a part of that journey with them.”