Some people think that seventh grade is one of the worst years of their life, but I disagree. Seventh grade is one of the best years of my life so far. SCCS might be a small school, but this school is an amazing place where we can learn, interact with some of our closest friends, and most importantly to learn about God. At SCCS we get many opportunities to learn about the gospel through chapel, our teachers, and our Bible classes. One of the best things that I love about our school is the friendships we get to make through the years. What I am most excited for is to see my friendships grow through seventh grade, and the rest of my years at SCCS.

1st Period: English with Mrs. Dixon. Mrs. Dixon is a great teacher because she helps and corrects us with her great English advice as well as her lovable personality.

2nd Period: Mrs. Brenner for Life Science. With Mrs. Brenner we learn a lot about organisms and cells. Her knowledge of science is amazing.

Morning Break:  In between second and third period we get a ten-minute snack break. This is where I hang out with all my friends before we have to go to our next class.

3rd Period: Math with Mrs. Clapper. Mrs. Clapper loves us no matter what, even if we don’t understand the math she is teaching us. By the way, did you know it is her birthday today? Actually we celebrate her birthday every day in seventh grade. This is one of the many inside jokes we have.

4th Period:  P.E. with Mrs. Brown. While the boys have coach Mosley for P.E. the girls have Mrs. Brown. Our P.E. is awesome because of these people, they teach us how to keep our bodies healthy by working out.

Lunch:  Lunch is a time where we can be with all our friends and EAT, I mean who doesn’t like to eat?!

5th Period: History with Mrs. Coughlin. Mrs. Coughlin is a great teacher because she makes history a fun and lovable subject with her amazing jokes.

6th Period:  Choir with Mrs. Johnson. Mrs. Johnson loves working with us. You can tell by her attitude when she is with us. Mrs. Johnson is a well-loved person because she is kind.

7th Period: Mrs. Kennedy is my seventh grade Bible teacher. Mrs. Kennedy is an amazing teacher because she not only teaches us about the Bible, but makes it practical by telling us how it applies to our lives.

Even though seventh grade might be hard, our beloved teachers and parents make it seem as if it’s just a walk in the park.