Americans are drowning in over 13 trillion dollars of debt, and that number continues to grow every year. Financial stability has to start at a young age. SCCS is proud to join Certified Financial Coach, Brendie Heter, and business owner, Sam Neylan, in offering a new curriculum focused on students’ financial futures.

“Ninth grade students are learning the concepts of budgeting, saving/spending wisely, avoiding debt and giving, before they become major consumers,” shared Personal Finance teacher, Mrs. Coughlin. “Students are learning from a Biblical perspective how they should steward the money given to them.”

Mrs. Heter and Ms. Neylan have helped to underwrite some of Dave Ramsey’s Personal Finance curriculum cost for SCCS students with a goal of young people understanding the value of money. “Scripture references money and possessions over 2,350 times,” shared Mrs. Heter. “That’s more than love, heaven, and hell combined. This skill set is absolutely vital for the success and protection of our youth. Sam and I want to help the next generation of students be successful without the bondage of debt.” 

To date, Mrs. Coughlin’s class has spent time going through the process of buying a car and learning how much a car loan actually ends up costing. “Students were surprised at how expensive a loan can be and all the hidden costs associated with using credit as a form of payment,” shared Mrs. Coughlin. “Credit cards, often carrying thousands of dollars of debt, have become a means to living for many.”