Philosophy of Education (AKA Discipleship)

“Teaching minds, training hearts for God”

Choosing a school for your child can be challenging. As a parent, you have certain expectations for any school you consider. Parents want their child to be safe, nurtured and provided with an excellent education. Your family will get that at Santa Clarita Christian School. Yet, you should also expect more. When looking for a school you should look for its unique aspects, or distinctives, that set it apart from other choices.   

What makes SCCS unique?

SCCS is committed to training young people to be extraordinary 21st century influencers for Christ. We seek not only to educate our students in challenging and rigorous academics but also to train their hearts to apply that knowledge to impact our community and world for Christ.  

Within our Christ-centered culture and vibrant school community, our learners are encouraged to be leaders and to serve others. As a K-12 school, younger students get a vision for their future, and older students have opportunities to be examples and mentors. Our passionate, well-trained educators and dedicated staff pour themselves into the teaching of minds and training of hearts. 


At SCCS, we are “Teaching minds, Training Hearts for God” through four specific areas:

1.Spiritual Development: At SCCS, we present all subjects through a Biblical worldview. We believe God is real and the Bible is true. Biblical principles and values are integrated into everything we do and teach. We share the gospel with our students and disciple them in the principles that will develop their character for life.

2. Academic Excellence: We prepare students to be independent learners, critical thinkers, effective communicators and curious explorers. A small student-to-teacher ratio provides a personal and caring environment in which to frame our college preparatory curriculum.

3. Creative Expression: Everything we see around us is an expression of God’s creativity, majesty and splendor. Our goal at SCCS is to facilitate creative expression through various art forms such as visual arts, performing arts and music. The ability to creatively express is a crucial skill in communication and problem solving.

4. Athletic Distinction: Focused on character development and discipleship, our athletic department views sports as an excellent avenue to teach self-discipline, commitment, teamwork and integrity. In addition to strategic plays and athletic skills, coaches purposefully instruct their athletes in Christ-like character.

We don’t just educate our students to pass a test or course, we prepare them to live a life that is Christ-centered, academically sound and expressed to its fullest so it might positively impact the world.

For a summary outline our or Philosophy of Education / Discipleship, click here.



Teaching Minds, Training Hearts for God

"Go therefore and make disciples of all nations."
Matthew 28:19a

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