School-Wide Learning Goals

In support of the school’s mission statement and philosophy of education, the following expected schoolwide learning results (ESLRs) have been established to form the basis for all learning goals, school activities, and programs.  The following ESLRs challenge students to grow intellectually, physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually:

ESLR #1  Students as Committed Christians

  • Accept Jesus Christ as personal Savior, forming a personal relationship with God Himself.
  • Develop a spiritual life through daily Bible reading, prayer, application of Biblical principles to life, character development, and faithful attendance at a Bible-believing church.
  • Accept the Bible as the Word of God, the basis for all truth, and the authority for all matters of life.
  • Accept personal responsibility for thoughts, speech, actions, and attitudes.
  • Affirm a biblical worldview that looks at life, academic studies, government, social issues, diverse cultures, and world events from God’s point of view as found in Scripture.

ESLR #2  Students as Independent Learners

  • Develop specific learning skills that include listening, reading with understanding, writing with clarity, researching from multiple sources, organizing time and materials efficiently, and using technology creatively.
  • Establish positive relationships with others in the learning process, adding individual abilities and skills to a team effort in order to successfully accomplish group goals.
  • Convey thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and convictions in a clear and accurate way with effective speaking techniques and excellent writing skills.
  • Determine to strive for excellence in all subject areas, complete assignments with diligence, and contribute to class discussions and group projects.
  • Commit personally to a life of learning, the never-ending quest for truth and understanding.

ESLR #3  Students as Critical Thinkers

  • Make wise decisions based on accurate evaluation of relevant information.
  • Collect, evaluate, analyze, and synthesize information in a logical way.
  • Discern truth from error in all learning situations by comparing information to the source of truth, the Word of God.
  • Use higher levels of thinking to apply knowledge to new issues, questions, or problems.

ESLR #4  Students as Healthy, Productive Citizens

  • Practice proper physical fitness through regular exercise and proper eating habits.
  • Develop emotional stability by realizing that self-worth comes from God’s approval, not man’s approval.
  • Make proper lifestyle choices that reflect a commitment to Christ, especially as it relates to personal purity before marriage, and the determination not to abuse the physical body with alcohol or foreign substances.
  • Treat all people with respect, demonstrating kindness to others in words and actions, and abhorring any form of racial or cultural discrimination by accepting all men and women as created equal by God.
  • Practice responsible citizenship through community service, voting, and praying for government leaders.

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