The whole point of a Christian school is to teach students about God’s creation and what mankind has produced and revealed about Him through literature, mathematics, science, and history. We seek to do everything to the best of our ability, holding ourselves to the highest standards and executing everything with excellence because of the God we represent. We want to surpass standards and improve our reputation in the community so that more people can hear about SCCS and our students, so they in turn will see what God is doing on our campus. We want to send our students into the world well-equipped to think clearly, present and defend their views and faith, work hard, and stand strong before the world.

GOALS: Our aim is to develop…

  • Students as Committed Christians
  • Students as Independent Learners
  • Students as Critical Thinkers
  • Students as Healthy, Productive Citizens

OUTCOMES: We achieve this through…

  • Curriculum and graduation requirements designed to prepare students for college admission
  • Exceeding the California state graduation requirements
  • Requiring speech and writing classes for seniors
  • Honors and Dual Enrollment class options
  • Student achievement above the national averages on standardized testing
  • Professional development of faculty to address our students’ spiritual, developmental, social, academic, and technological needs
  • High achievement test scores
  • Three years of Spanish, beginning in 9th grade
  • Junior high electives: Art, Culinary Arts, Choir
  • 6th grade Science Camp
  • 8th grade Washington D.C. trip
  • British Literature Trip
  • Community service
  • Academic and college advising
  • Dual accredited through WASC and ACSI

Teaching Minds, Training Hearts for God

"Go therefore and make disciples of all nations."
Matthew 28:19a

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