The goal of the IAS program at SCCS is to establish an intentional and intensive partnership with parents in order to improve a student’s academic performance through the employment of additional resources by supporting:

•    school work and homework management 
•    perceptual and processing skills
•    development of effective learning strategies
•    particular learning difficulty in reading or math
•    skills to become independent learners 

SCCS offers basic diagnostic testing and strategies to address the learning needs of students. If the diagnostic tests reveal more complex problems, parents may choose to receive support as they seek in-depth testing through the local public school system while their child continues to enjoy a Christian education at SCCS.  

The IAS staff works with parents and teachers involved in testing to develop strategies that will best assist students with learning needs. The staff provides individual attention to each student who is enrolled in IAS, enabling them to accomplish more in the classroom and meet the needs of their diverse learning styles. 

There are additional costs for the diagnostic testing and after-school or in-school tutoring. This is conveniently added to your monthly tuition bill. Please contact IAS staff for the latest fee schedule. 

Please contact Denise Kalinske in the Individual Academic Support office, if you would like more information.