Last Friday, December 7th, 110 of our high school students gathered on campus for our annual Christmas banquet, “An Evening in New York.”

A highlight of the evening was when it was time for awards. “The awards were all voted on by the students,” shared Mrs. Clapper. “The students created funny awards like class clown, most likely to shrink, most likely to get mad if you scuff their shoe, worst person to be stranded in the desert with.”

Students enjoyed a dinner from Stonefire Grill, awards, and a photo booth in the gym transformed into New York City.

“My favorite part of the banquet was winning best bromance with Johnny Werner and Ewan Leonard,” added Tommy Gwinn, tenth grade Class Clown winner and Best Bromance winner.

To wrap up the evening, students watched Home Alone 2 on the back playground from their truck beds or lawn chairs, while enjoying popcorn, candy and hot chocolate bar.

“My favorite part of the banquet was changing into our comfy clothes and watching Home Alone 2 with friends in all the cars,” shared Aaronya Crosswhite, Always Hungry Award winner.