Back to School night, held on Monday, August 27, gave parents not only a view into their children’s day-to-day life as students, but also a glimpse of what is to come for the school year. Elementary and secondary parents were able to meet their children’s teachers and visit their classes and learn pertinent information about the coming year from their teachers.

Following the first classroom session, parents gathered on the front lawn. Campus Pastor Wiley Kennedy introduced Carolyn Acosta, wife of Assemblyman Dante Acosta, who presented Coach James Mosley and the varsity basketball team the California Legislature Assembly Resolution in recognition of their Division 5 State Championship. “God brought me a special group of guys,” shared Coach Mosley, “And I give the glory to God. Basketball is a way to go after the heart and build character.” Mr. Mosley said it was an honor to use his students’ athletic excellence to further their Christian walk.

The award presentation was followed by SCCS Administrator, Dr. Jones speaking to a packed crowd about the exciting course of action for the year. He began by asking a poignant question. “How do you reach a generation that hears with its eyes and thinks with its feelings?” He went on to explain, “There is a quiet battle of ideas and philosophies. And the winner gets our children. We have to fight.”

He asked those in attendance powerful questions. “What do we want our children pursuing? Where should their hearts be? How do we teach them to stand for God in a time of pressure like never before? We will accomplish the answers to those questions by chasing excellence. SCCS will excel even more. I came to be a part of excellence when I joined SCCS and I thank those that came before me. I want to take the excellence that exists at SCCS and go even higher. It is not easy and requires hard work, but we are up to the task to actively pursue it. We must teach our children to be a Daniel,” Dr. Jones encouraged, referencing his favorite verse, Daniel 1:8. “To stand when others won’t. To lead when others can’t. We must provide the Daniels of tomorrow!”

He went on to ask, “Where do you want your children to be in 15-20 years? Will they have achieved the excellence needed to be the leaders of the future? Yes!” Countless teachers raised their hands when asked about their own pursuit of excellence. By pursuing master’s degrees, extra training courses and enrichment classes, the foundation of our school, the dedicated teachers, continues to grow in academic achievement as well. 

Dr. Jones implored those listening to be the voice in their children’s lives and to be a part of the cause for Christ. He outlined his strategic plan for excellence in academics as rigor, relevance and relationship. 

“Challenges await when striving to pursue excellence, but SCCS is ready with rigor,” shared Dr. Jones. “We are looking forward to expanding our dual enrollment options and partnerships. SCCS is making it possible for our students to graduate not only as accomplished high school graduates, but with up to two years of college credits already completed. Our dedicated students are saving money and becoming more prepared than their college peers, at a younger age.”

Dr. Jones also called on the school to be relevant. “A consistent message of excellence heard over time can make the greatest impact,” shared Dr. Jones. “The school must know what faces its students in social media, friend relationships and peer pressures. It must consistently shine the peace and truth of God’s word to the body to make an impact.”

Lastly, Dr. Jones talked about the relationship the school is pursuing with students. “SCCS wants students to know who they are, what they believe and why they believe it,” he shared. “It is my goal to have our school deeply connected with its student body and ministering to their hearts for the cause of Christ.”

The evening’s address ended with Dr. Jones’ heartfelt vision for the future of Santa Clarita Christian School. “Imagine your children in a full-service environment,” continued Dr. Jones. “Imagine a school where not only are students being prepared for their spiritual and academic successes, but where they are learning to be leaders. I believe the business of training minds and teaching hearts is so that we can be a model of what Christian education can look like in this nation for God’s glory.”