Ashley Johnson

Ashley graduated from SCCS in 2005. Ashley went on to pursue a degree from Cornell University in New York.

“I graduated from Cornell in 2009 and worked for my parents’ company for three years,” shared Ashley. “In 2012, I began pursuing a dual degree (JD-MPP) at the College of William & Mary in Virginia. My summer internships included the Blackstone Fellowship through which I worked for an anti-trafficking organization in DC; International IDEA in The Hague; and a project in East Timor working with their Ministry of Justice. While in East Timor, I got Dengue Fever, which caused a lot of problems my final year of school and I couldn’t take the bar. I went home to Austin, Texas for a year, during which time, I worked as a substitute teacher for a small Christian school.”

Ashley has always been highly focused on her academics. “One of the most important aspects of my studies at SCCS that has been a huge help to me in college and in life, was the English program,” said Ashley. “I remember doing ICWs on a regular basis in high school. I was surprised that at a top school like Cornell, I was far ahead of many students in my writing and grammar. That foundation clearly helped me to develop my writing skills well, and that has been an incredible asset in my academics, especially law school.”

Ashley also appreciated the biblical foundation she gained at SCCS. Ashley added, “I attended SCCS from second to twelfth grade. Taking Bible classes and attending weekly chapels were just part of life at the time. Looking back, I appreciate having to memorize verses and stories and being encouraged to have a daily devotion time. It’s so important to know and understand who God is and how He’s there for you, especially as you grow up and meet people with different beliefs or are faced with difficult challenges.”

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