Megan Dombrowski

Class of 2019, SCCS alumna and former SCCS volleyball star, Megan Dombrowski began her college career the fall of 2019 at Southern Connecticut State University ‘24 as a member of the volleyball team.

“SCCS has prepared me both academically and athletically to excel at the collegiate level,” said Megan. “Academically being able to take so many dual enrollment courses has put me above the curve of normal freshman who are going for the accelerated athletic training major.

As of the last time I checked with all the credit I earned from my junior year, 22% of my degree evaluation is complete. Also, because I was brought up for 13 years under the strong Christian education that SCCS provides, I have been able to discern the worldview of my fellow classmates and professors. Because of this, I know how to approach conversations with them that they would be edifying and glorifying.

On the athletic level, obviously just playing the game and having Coach Brown push me to be my absolute best as a player was super important. But honestly, while the physicality of the game is important at the collegiate level, the importance of teamwork and Godly character is what is most important at the collegiate level. If you don’t work well with other people, if you can’t give 110% no matter the situation, if you can’t have your focus on playing for your teammates rather than yourself, there is no point. As I have finished my first few weeks of both college education and volleyball, I truly don’t know what I would’ve done without the support both academically or athletically from SCCS.

SCCS will always be my home and while I miss it dearly I know that God’s plan for our future while we may not be able to see it is ultimately for our good and to glorify Him. I wish the absolute best for everyone back there on both an academic and athletic level! Keep the faith, trust the process, and give your absolute best to the glory of God! GO CARDINALS!! GO OWLS!!”

Megan will receive her Master”s degree in Athletic Training on an accelerated academic program!

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