This week, 7th grade students at SCCS tested their creativity and skill as they designed video games according to college fundamental templates in the class Intro to Programming 2/Game Design.

“In this assignment, students developed and created different game genres appropriate to SCCS’s mission. It is pretty neat to see what they come up with!” shared Doron Gladden, Computer Science Teacher. “Some of their projects included creating games similar to PacMan and Donkey Kong, as well as creating multi-player games and ‘theme-based’ games. They were provided with general guidelines and their imaginations did the rest.”

As students creatively explored how to design a video game, they learned how to make technical decisions and engage the game design process according to real world concepts such as deadlines, demographics and their own expectations for how they hope the game is received by consumers.

“Our kids today live, work and play in a highly technological age. While that may cause certain anxieties and pressures for them, I also believe that they can impact the field in ways they may not have dreamed yet,” continued Mr. Gladden. “Because Computer Science and its sub-disciplines are expanding, I want them to be able to give a voice to the science that rightly assumes God the Father as Creator and Jesus Christ as the One who is worthy of all worship, even for the technology He has given to us.”


During the project, students designed their games and presented their work to the class. Students were encouraged to consider careers in the field of Video Game Design.

“Many of my students are already video game players, but I want them to see the world of video games not just as a player but as those who contribute to this ever-growing field,” shared Mr. Gladden. “Additionally, I want them to hold to the certainty that even technology cannot go where God does not permit. I want them to understand that they are contributors to the field not just bystanders.”

Mr. Gladden teaches several classes related to Computer Science at SCCS including secondary level classes which includes a unit on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.

“I love watching students be creative and that joy of discovery in their eyes,” continued Mr. Gladden. “It is infectious to watch our young people forge ahead and examine what the Lord may have for them in the future. I get to do that in the field of Computer Science, which lends itself to creativity. I also love teaching the class from a biblical worldview. Without a biblical worldview, it is extremely difficult to make sense of all that is happening in Computer Science. However, with a biblical worldview, our young people become leaders in the field since they possess the wisdom of God in His Word.”