Students in Mr. Gladdens’s Computer Science class are using their computer skills to conceptualize ways to improve society through Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. When asked what makes this assignment so special, Mr. Gladden said, “Often, the study of robotics raises negative connotations. Computer Science and the discipline of robotics should be used to enhance society. I wanted students to examine the field, armed with a Biblical worldview and to seek technological improvements in the world around them.”

As technology grows at an unprecedented rate, our Computer Science class is instilling in students the need to influence the tech heavy industry for good. Careers in Computer Science and Engineering are on the rise and as many of our students pursue degrees in these fields, Mr. Gladden is teaching not only advanced programming but doing it with integrity. “Students in this class possess a vested interest in the field of Computer Science as a possible career choice. Many of them already enjoy stretching the limits of technology, so it was not hard for them to conceptualize positive improvements in the world around them” Mr. Gladden noted. 



With a Biblical worldview in all that SCCS teaches, students are able to filter even the cutting edge of technology through a Christian lens. Students were excited to be able to use the assignment to think outside the box about how they could help society. They were asked to examine Robotics and Artificial Intelligence while improving an aspect in the arenas of Geography, Medicine, Economics, and/or Politics. When asked what some of Mr. Gladdens’ favorite ideas from the students were so far, he said, “What has stood out so far is a few of our students have suggested the use of Artificial Intelligence in discovering medical cures for terminal illnesses.” 

Training leaders for tomorrow means equipping them both academically and spiritually. Even with a class that is focused on the digital world, students can use complex ideas and apply them to real life. Mr. Gladden said, “This already demonstrates that they are armed with a Biblical worldview and God’s image in man is vital to their thinking. This will help them tremendously in the field of Computer Science as stewards of God’s gift of technology to the world.” It is exciting to see how God can use technology to advance His kingdom and how SCCS students can be a part of it.