COVID-19 Update

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SCCS Re-opening Plan


Dear SCCS Family,

Thank you for your incredible patience and grace in waiting for clarity on our plans for the launch of the 2020-2021 school year! Now more than ever, we are learning what it means to “pray without ceasing” (1 Thess. 5:17) and to “not worry about tomorrow…each day has enough trouble of its own” (Matt. 6:34). These are faith-building times for us parents—as well as for our little ones—and our testimony before the Lord to a watching world is all the more critical. Therefore, we are striving to walk all the more faithfully in an effort to please our God as well as reach and prepare the next generation to know and love Him better than we have.

Our plan for the coming year reflects our identity as a church ministry to support each family’s privileged role in discipling their child(ren). In addition, we are striving to move forward with the same three criteria established in the spring for when on-campus classes can launch; namely, when it is 1) Safe, 2) Legal, and 3) SCCS Family supported. Toward that end, in an effort to deliver the highest quality Christian education during these very difficult times, we are announcing the following options for currently enrolled families:

PLAN A: On-Campus (currently unavailable) – As of today, an on-campus launch on August 18 appears highly unlikely due to both county requirements and community readiness. Also, as much as I would love to hold out hope with you for a timely campus opening, our families deserve clarity during these times of great uncertainty. Having said that, if the possibility does become available according to the three criteria above, we are positioned to quickly pivot toward that opportunity and will JOYFULLY make the transition as soon as possible. Furthermore, though we do plan to apply for a waiver from the LA County Dept. of Public Health (LACDPH), the application is currently not available and the process has not even been published. Thus, a timely approval and return is not likely. Regardless, we have made and continue to make – significant modifications to our campus to support a safe learning environment for when students return.

What now? – Families will be automatically placed on Plan B, unless they communicate with us by August 14 of other intentions.

PLAN B: At-home Learning – Currently enrolled families in Kindergarten – 12 th grade will begin classes on Monday, August 24, with what we believe is the most robust, organized, and supported virtual learning option available. To launch Plan B smoothly, August 17-21 will now be Orientation Week. Families will set appointments to meet their teacher(s), pick up materials and login information, and receive answers to any questions about the program (this invitation will be sent the week prior). Here are some specifics: • Students will have full access to SCCS Online (this includes daily instructional videos, worksheets, assessments, and tools for learning).

  • Students will receive daily live instruction, grading, and individual support from their classroom teacher(s) via Zoom as well as tutoring as needed by appointment.
  • High school students will continue with an uncompromised progression toward graduation and retain Honors, Dual Credit, Class Ranking, and College Advisement opportunities.
  • Your child(ren)’s spot in the classroom will be reserved for when on-campus instruction resumes.
  • A 10% tuition reduction will be applied for families not already receiving any discounts or scholarships until on-campus classes resume.

PLAN C: SCCS Academy – For those unable to participate in PLAN B due to health, financial, or logistical concerns, you may choose to unenroll from the on-campus program and enroll in the SCCS Academy. If you choose this route, please know that we fully support you as you prayerfully discern what is best for your family. We love our Academy program, but it does take away the opportunity to have daily interaction—virtual or not—with students we have come to know and love. That said, here are some specifics about our SCCS Academy:

  • The Academy is intended to provide support for families choosing to fully homeschool. The options and pricing for this program can be found here.
  • Moving to the Academy means your child(ren)’s spot in the classroom is not retained when oncampus classes resume.
  • Moving to the Academy means your high school academic standing is no longer ranked.
  • Enrollment fees and tuition investment to date will be directly applied to Academy enrollment and investment costs.
    • As an example: If you have a High School student and have paid $200 reenrollment as well as $1,000 for June tuition and $1,000 for July tuition, your total investment of $2,200 will be applied to enrolling in the SCCS Academy. If you chose Option # 3 for HS, the cost of $500 for enrollment and $1,950 for the program would total $2,450. Thus, you would need to pay an additional $250 to have the full year of SCCS Academy Online. A great deal!
  • Unfortunately, the SCCS Academy does not have discounts or scholarships (it is already an at-cost program).
  • Please contact Mrs. Kistler ( [email protected] ) for further information after you have read through these materials fully.


What if I want to completely unenroll from SCCS?

Please don’t! We know this is a difficult season, but it is our prayer that our collective work and sacrifice will build a bridge to the best possible future for SCCS. If, however, you are unable to stay enrolled—we understand. Though fees and tuition are typically non-refundable due to staffing and curriculum purchases, we will refund any money invested beyond your June tuition payment if you provide us with notice by August 14. To choose this option, please contact Mrs. Bucknell ( [email protected] ).

How long will this last?

It would be great if it only lasted a week or two; however, we cannot make that guarantee. We will transition to on-campus instruction as soon as possible, but we are anticipating that this may continue through the first grading period (October 16). It is our hope and prayer that every SCCS family will be able to stay in partnership with us as we launch virtually.

A closing ‘soap-box’ appeal for your prayer and support

Dear SCCS Family—As you can imagine, this is a heartbreaking communication to send. It is not as if SCCS is at risk of closing. Quite the contrary!!! As a ministry of Santa Clarita Baptist Church, we are blessed to be able to press on without the burden of debt in order to make Christian education as accessible as possible to as many as possible in order to give as much glory to God as possible. However, though we are a not-for-profit ministry, we are also a not-for-loss ministry. We must adjust our size and ability in accordance with the financial support of our partnering families while providing for ‘the laborers in the harvest’ (our staff). In addition, we do not receive federal or state funding. This allows us to maximize our freedoms as a religious organization and your freedom to have your child(ren) educated without all the worldly—even satanic—influences forced upon public schools. Therefore, our hope is that all of our families will remain enrolled in anticipation of returning to on-campus instruction as the Lord allows. If I had $3.4 million dollars (our actual annual budget), I would joyfully cover all our costs for the year so we could all focus on the greater mission of discipling our children without concern for the money. However, the Lord has specifically crafted this challenge so that we might trust Him more, discern our priorities, invest in eternity, and support one another with love and sacrifice for the furtherance of His gospel to the next generation. God always provides sufficient grace for the work He has called us to do.

Please be praying for your teachers and for one another’s children. We want to be back on campus! Now!! However, through much prayer, fasting, counsel, and study we have concluded that opening for on-campus instruction is not the most faithful course for SCCS at this time. In addition, to “risk it” and see what might happen with the LACDPH is neither wise before God, nor a good testimony to our neighbor. The Lord has commanded parents to “teach them diligently” (Deut. 6:7), so we believe our role is to support your obedience to that command as best as we are able. I do not want to come to school each day, nor do I want you to have to send your child(ren) to school each day, wondering, “Will the school get shut down today?” or “Will I see my teacher tomorrow?” or “Who will be the first one to test positive and cause a panic or a closure?” Honestly, our children deserve more stability than what this world has to offer, and until we can be convinced that we can open 1) Safely, 2) Legally, and with full 3) SCCS Family Support, we will strive to make the at-home learning option excellent for your family and glorifying to our great God!

One final encouragement: As you know, sharing this news with your child(ren) will require both time and tact. There will likely be some frustration and maybe even tears. However you choose to move forward, shepherding your child’s heart through the grieving and back to hope will require time and prayer with one another as well as trusting God’s promise to provide for His children and work it out for good. As William Cowper once said, “Judge not the Lord by feeble sense, but trust Him for His grace, [for] behind a frowning providence He hides a smiling face.”

“O love the LORD, all you His godly ones! The LORD preserves the faithful and fully recompenses the proud doer. Be strong and let your heart take courage, all you who hope in the LORD.” – Psalm 31:23-24

For Him,

Dr. Mark Wilson | Administrator – [email protected]

Santa Clarita Christian School

“All things are possible with God.” – Mark 10:27

Week of May 15, 2020:

Dear SCCS Families:

I pray this communication finds you healthy and hopeful in the Lord. With the news and updates circling around our world, nation, and city I wanted to provide you with a bit of encouragement, assurance, and ministry updates as you pray through current events and look with hope toward the future for your family and your child’s education. On that note, let’s start with a little encouragement.

I was encouraged by a missionary friend who reminded me that “The Christian’s heart only has room for one fear—the fear of the Lord.” What a great reminder that it is a Christian’s fear of the Lord that brings the right perspective in a fallen world, an unwavering confidence in hard times, and a secure hope in the One who is Truth—Jesus Christ. Our Savior is not a program, politician, or vaccine. Rather, our Savior is the Lord God Almighty!  

In addition, earlier this week I was gently rebuked and greatly challenged by the words of D. Martin Lloyd-Jones:

“The individual Christian is having a greater opportunity today than he has had for many a century, owing to the whole state of the world and of society…people are watching us very closely because we claim to be Christian…And when confronted with world events, with wars and rumours of wars, with calamities, pestilences and all these other things, he is not over-anxious, troubled and irritable. The world is; the Christian is not. He is essentially different.” (Studies in the Sermon on the Mount, p. 177)

As for assuranceplease know that we are fully committed to opening school for on-campus classes on August 18, 2020. We believe that this is both necessary, and realistic. Though it is my job to develop a Plan B, and C in situations like these (which are being finalized), I am confidently advocating for and moving toward Plan A – starting school as usual with appropriate safety modifications. This is not just wishful thinking. Rather, in recent days I have been encouraged by the growing number of pastors, politicians, medical doctors, mental health doctors, sociologists, and numerous others who are now beginning to recognize that life-saving measures must be balanced so as to not cause further undue harm on individual and societal health. I am sure you have seen it and felt it in your own home. Being safe-at-home does not guarantee healthy-at-home. We are designed spiritually, mentally, and emotionally to thrive in the context of relationships—primarily in-person relationships. Please pray and trust with me that our God will provide the right wisdom, protection, and common sense to navigate forward without perpetuating neither the unnecessary loss of life nor the ineffective extremes of unrealistic reactions.

Regarding our Plan A and the safety modifications anticipated for next year, there is much to be finalized because there is much still needing to be released, reviewed, and revised. However, let me tell you a bit about where we are at–though an official position and policy is still forthcoming. First, ‘Plan A’ is to start school on August 18th with various new protocols for assembling and movement of people. Additional preventative and response guidelines will be established. Some of the preventative measures would include social distancing, sanitization stations, line-up and gathering procedures, and temperature and health checks. In addition, our response protocols will be re-written to prevent and/or limit further spread. Furthermore, our immunization requirements have not changed and we do not anticipate them changing (not picking a fight here, just stating it as it stands today).

I would like to emphasize that we fully intend to start school on-campus—not hybrid, nor online—this fall. We also plan to do our activities and sports, but with updated guidelines for participation. However, this is another area where we are waiting to hear from officials and leagues. HOWEVER, if ‘Plan B’ or ‘Plan C’ becomes necessary we have been working to put together several robust, realistic, and affordable options for our families. Though details are still being finalized, options are being developed that will insure that the financial investment we make during June and July will not be lost if we are prevented from starting in August. Confidence in the security of your investment is of critical importance to us and families will not lose their investment

Finally, it is time for some updates (for those of you who are still reading 😉).

Here are a few need-to-knows as we strive to finish this year faithfully and look to next year with excitement!

  • Communications: Please encourage your child/student(s) in these final hours with compassionate support and steadfast prayer. You have already – and will continue – to receive communications from Mrs. Preheim and Mr. Bates regarding finals schedules and end of the year returns and reminders. However, if you don’t have clarity on an item, please reach out and ask. Others may have the same question and we want to make sure everyone is working in synch with each other. 
  • Campus Facilities: We have already begun our summer projects of painting, cleaning, and fixing/updating facility spaces and items. Personal items your child may have left in classrooms or lockers need to be removed by May 29th.
  • Staffing: The most difficult part of closing out the school year is announcing the changes in staffing. Each of us knows that we are in times and places for seasons and reasons, but the Lord’s sovereign redirecting of members of the SCCS family can be both joyful and sorrowful. Some are moving far away, others are staying local, but all are loved and prayed for during this transition in ministry to our King, Jesus!  I will list without explanation to allow each to share as they please. These are the glad-sad changes as we look to the 2020-2021 school year. 
    • Departures:  Beverly Axen; Mark & Allison Bates; Julia Champion; Laurie Clayton; Taylor Cherry; Morgan Fay; Bob Hernandez; Amanda Holt; Shannon Jackson; Wiley Kennedy; Luann Mothershead; Megan Pettee; Hal Roach; Pamela Salzarulo; Elijah Valuzat; and Kimberly Wilson  
    • Arrivals and Adjustments to date:  Stefanie Castillo (Front Receptionist); Denise Kalinske (Admissions and Exec. Secretary)

(Lonna Gibson and Julie Masopust have graciously agreed to be contracted as needed to continue in their roles).  Please be praying for each of them as they walk in faith toward the future God has called them to for His glory and their good!

Finally, thank you for persevering with excellence, hope, and joy! This has been an amazing year (to say the least), and you have faithfully tackled each new wave of change and challenge with grace and steadfastness. Thank you. In addition, thank you to those who gave above and beyond financially to assist those significantly impacted during this time.

I pray this email provides a bit of insight on how to finish strong, look ahead with hope, and pray with and for one another. As we look to next year, I am very excited for the people and program the Lord has allowed us to assemble. We have significantly expanded our dual-credit offerings, further developed our athletic opportunities, and we are all the more determined to stay on-mission as a Christian school ministry that strives to partner with families of like-faith as we teach minds and train hearts for God!

“Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us, to Him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus to all generations forever and ever. Amen!” – Ephesians 3:20-21

Update: April 17, 2020

Dear SCCS Family,

There are six weeks remaining in the 2019-2020 school year (five if you are a senior)! With all that remains unknown about the months ahead, we do now have some clarity on the coming weeks in regard to campus closure. (Please pardon the length of this email as much has been – and continues to unfold each day).

There are three criteria that we are using for assessing when the campus may return to normal operation. First, we must be able to legally hold classes. As of today, we know that this is not possible until at least May 15 and most likely through the end of the school year. Second, we must be able to safely facilitate all campus operations. As much as we have seen God’s generous provision of health and safety during this time of quarantine and isolation, a regathering of our K-12 community is currently not recommended. Third, even when we are able to legally and safely resume campus operations, we would need to have confidence that our community is willing to participate. This is also not currently the case. Some would love to come back today if they could, while others are far from ready. 

Therefore, we are anticipating and planning on the reality that our current distance learning format will continue through the remainder of this school year. However, if the three criteria I just mentioned are met, you can be sure that we will joyfully and immediately change our plans.

Now, I know that for many of us the prospect of completing the year through remote learning is not preferred, but it is likely not a surprise. In addition, my hope is that you have seen how incredibly effective your teachers have been at not just making the most of it, but excelling in this current environment. Again, we are impressed but not surprised by the adaptability and commitment of the amazing faculty the Lord has provided. For this we are all grateful, they are truly blessed, and God is glorified. 

Regarding student performance, it is a great testimony to our students and community that we have 100% engagement with our students. No one is missing in action. In addition, course objectives are being met and—for the most part—student investment of time is intentional and appropriate. Thank you for your ongoing partnership in this. 

Having said the above, there are a few items that need mentioning. Further specifics will come in the days ahead as dates and details are confirmed.

  • Elementary families should expect to pick up a final work packet from their child’s classroom on Monday, May 4th, between 7:00am and 6:30pm. In order to prepare for this, Friday, May 1st, and Monday, May 4th, there will be no meetings for elementary. We do, however, plan to continue our Friday chapels at 9:30am.
  • Secondary students should already have everything they need, but we do welcome campus visits in order to pick up items needed for continued distance learning. You may also use this opportunity to clean our lockers and check lost and found, but that can also be done in late May when iPads are returned. 
  • FINALS: Seniors should plan to take their finals May 18-20; 7th-11th grade finals will be scheduled for May 26-28.
  • The 12th Grade graduation ceremony will be adjusted to meet the three criteria above, but remains scheduled for the original date of Saturday, May 23rd. At this time we anticipate a hybrid of both an in-person and virtual ceremony presentation, but a traditional gathering of family and friends is not currently likely. Details are forthcoming.
  • Kindergarten, 6th Grade, and 8th Grade families will be contacted early next week with details regarding the cancellation or modification of ceremonies.
  • As mentioned previously, the COVID-19 response has had a deep financial impact on many of our families. I have individually been working with each family significantly impacted to find a workable solution. A few of you have generously given to meet these needs—THANK YOU!!!  Those who would like to give additional monies to meet this GREAT need can give online here or contact me directly ( [email protected] or 661-252-7371 ext. 15). 
  • This emphasizes the importance of paying your full tuition. You may not be aware that roughly 85% of our annual costs are fixed (contracts, curriculum, subscriptions, etc.). In addition, the remaining 15% may be variable costs, but they are not absent in this crisis. In fact, the need is great during this time as we look to strengthen our community and keep Christian education as accessible as possible to as many as possible both now and in the future. 
  • You should also know that we are excited about the coming school year. We are making plans to expand our academic offerings, athletics opportunities, and service projects. In addition, we are furthering our desire to make SCCS more accessible than ever to like-faith families! (More to come on this in the weeks ahead).

Please know that we are grateful for the privilege of serving you. We know that God is sovereign and trust that He is most certainly and purposely on-mission during this time…and so are we! In fact, we have a greater calling and opportunity to glorify God in the midst of this pandemic in light of our identity as Christians and a local church ministry.

Again, your prayers, understanding, and graciousness has been incredible! We truly have the best community of families and I am eternally grateful for how you are putting on display to a watching world Jesus words, “By this all men will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another” (John 13:35). 

For Him,
Dr. Mark Wilson | Administrator


Week of April 6, 2020:

A day in the life of remote learning with first grader, Willow Edwards.

Week of March 30, 2020:

Remote learning snapshots

March 26, 2020

Secondary Remote Learning Launch

Dear SCCS Family:

As all of us have entered a unique time in our history, I have been reminded of the preciousness of our faith, the

eternality of our salvation, and the opportunity we have to share the hope we have.  With that in mind, below is an outline of how we intend to continue to partner with our students and families through this time. Unique times bring unique opportunities. While many are just trying to tread water, we are looking to advance. Not just academically, but spiritually and relationally, as well. To that end, the secondary teachers have been hard at work for the last several days preparing for next Monday.

Your secondary student has likely already been contacted by their teachers. Understand that it will be our goal to provide meaningful content, checks for understanding, and assessments in much the same way we would do in a traditional classroom, just remotely.   

In a virtual learning environment, just as in our traditional classrooms, students will need to take responsibility for their work and engagement. During the set class times, teachers will be engaging the students in discussions, instruction, and follow up. In addition, teachers will regularly be sending learning activities and assignments and collecting those as evidence of your child’s work. Please communicate and support your students to work in this environment; in addition, if necessary, you may contact your child’s teacher to communicate via email. 

Below are some tips to help prepare for Monday’s Remote Learning:

  • Make sure to download on your devices – it has already been downloaded to the tablet provided by the school.
  • Make sure the student logs in using their school email and password.
  • See the daily class schedule below, broken up by grade level. Note that there will be a few students with conflicts. They should contact their teacher to work out an alternate time to meet.
  • Teachers will also assign independent work, readings, and lectures. Students should check their school email, RenWeb, and the Schoolwork app for regular assignments.
  • Monday through Thursday teachers will have virtual office hours from 12:30 – 1:30 pm. While I’m sure our teachers will be available at other times to help, they have been instructed to be aggressively present during this time
  • Fridays will be used for electives and to reach out to individual students
  • Your child’s teacher will communicate how they will be collecting work for grading
  • If you need technical help, contact Rebecca Libby at [email protected].  She is available to provide support during school hours.

Please contact the teacher if you need help with our remote learning. We also ask for your patience and understanding as we too travel this new territory. Our teachers and other employees are working long hours from home while dealing with their new, while temporary, normal. 

Finally, pray for us as we continue to pray for you. Already, several teachers have reported to me the opportunities they have had with their students as a result of this time. God is at work.

Soli Deo Gloria!

Secondary Remote Learning Schedule

Mark Bates
Secondary Principal

Elementary Remote Learning Launch:

Dear SCCS Family,

Let me begin by saying how much we miss all of our students and families walking around our campus. We are praying for our students’ health and well-being, and also for their families. Although none of us have experienced a pandemic before, the SCCS family has quickly risen to the occasion, as usual! We would like to thank everyone for your kindness and support.

As you know, the SCCS motto is “Teaching Minds and Training Hearts for God.” That is just what we are doing from afar in order to serve our most important gifts- your children! These next few weeks will definitely look different, but focusing on our faith, rather than our circumstances, is such a blessing. Looking at 1 Samuel 1:1-3, David strengthened himself in the Lord, encouraged himself in the Lord, and sought the Lord in his uncertainties. I’m thankful we serve the same God and can lay all this at His feet.

We understand many of you are still working and have several children to help, financial concerns, health issues, etc.  We are here to patiently support our students and you throughout this challenging time.  Please do not stress over the schoolwork via distance learning or printed packets. Frustrations are high due to our circumstances and we don’t want to increase the stress on our families. We are going to do our best to provide schoolwork to keep our students’ minds moving forward. You are the parents and they are with you so we want to be sensitive to the needs and concerns you have for your child/children.  Please contact your teacher via email or call the school office and leave a message if you need help with our distance learning. We also ask for your patience and understanding as we too travel this new territory. Our teachers and other employees are working long hours from home while dealing with their new, while temporary, normal. 

Moving forward in this communication with you I would like to lay out our plan for Distance Learning.

Work pick up:

  • Monday, March 30th come to your child’s classroom from 7:30 – 9:00 am or 3:30 – 5:30 pm Our teachers have left everything our students will need moving forward on their desk
  • Our teachers have labeled all of their work specifically for each day

Your child’s teacher will be reaching out to you soon to set up a “Back to School” Zoom meeting. The following items will be discussed:

  • Download on your devices 
  • Daily class schedule will be communicated to you by your child’s teacher
  • Teachers will include independent work, breaks, and lunch in their schedule
  • Monday through Thursday teachers will have virtual office hours from 2:00 – 3:00 pm
  • Fridays will be used to give tests and reach out to individual students

Your child’s teacher will communicate with you how they will be collecting work samples for grading.

Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns. Praying that you enjoy the rest of spring break!

In Him,
Alisha Preheim
Dean of Elementary


March 25, 2020

Dear SCCS Family, 

“Do not fear, for I am with you; do not anxiously look about you, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, surely I will help you, surely I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.” – Isaiah 41:10

We are ready for the full deployment of our distance learning format next Monday (3/30) and look forward to the additional learning objectives and discipleship opportunities the Lord has for us in the coming weeks. Of course, we would very much prefer to have your kids on campus and we are praying that it will be sooner-than-later. During this time, however, please know that the school is not closed—we are all the more available to you—albeit virtually. Our partnership is not on hold—we are all the more in support of you and trust that this will strengthen this partnership. Finally, our mission is not being set-aside—we are all the more determined to see God glorified through this temporary season of doing Christian education remotely. With that said, I wanted to provide a few notes of guidance and support, as well as a personal encouragement.


Please know that your child’s teachers have been busy during this week preparing for the unique, but exciting, days ahead. By the grace of God, we have all the tools necessary for a successful distance learning program and trust that you will enjoy having an ‘insiders look’ into the ‘classroom’ instruction and experience the personal relationship the teachers have with your child(ren). Tomorrow (3/26) you will receive an email detailing how we plan to advance your child’s education during this time. It is important to note that your child’s teacher will still be providing daily guidance, instruction, and encouragement.

Elementary families will receive an email from our Elementary Dean, Mrs. Preheim, that will guide you through when to pick up materials and how to make the most of this time.

Secondary families will receive an email from our Secondary Principal, Mr. Bates, that will guide parents in how to best provide oversight and encouragement during this time.

Regarding athletics and other school events, please note the following:

  • Elementary – The spring sports season has been cancelled. Fees will be refunded to or removed from each family’s FACTS account.
  • Junior High – The spring sports season has been cancelled. Fees will be refunded to or removed from each family’s FACTS account.
  • High School – The season is NOT cancelled at this time. League representatives and directors are meeting to determine the best path forward. Each sport is currently on hold. We will update families as soon as possible. 

It is our hope that the HS sports season will open with enough time for a shortened season. Athletic fees will be adjusted accordingly. As for Elementary and JH athletics, we anticipate having enough time to hold clinics for individual sports in order to provide opportunity for continued coaching and skill enhancement.


We recognize that distance learning is a new environment for many homes and we want to provide the necessary resources to make it work most effectively.  

  • Curriculum – each elementary student will be given a packet specifically selected and assembled to intentionally advance student learning in critical areas. 
  • Teachers – your child’s teacher will be proactively providing the needed guidance for your child each day, as well as be regularly available for parent conferences.
  • Devices – if your home does not have a device, or enough devices, we will be loaning iPad’s to elementary families as needed.
  • Prayer – this season is difficult for all, but especially challenging for others. I have loved hearing how each teacher and staff member has mentioned how their prayers for others has grown exponentially during this time. Please don’t hesitate to share with us how we can pray for you. As has been said before, “Much can be done once we have prayed, but nothing should be done until we have prayed.”  This ministry is built on, and advances by, the Word of God, the Spirit of God, and the people of God praying. Please know you are being prayed for!

On a separate, but very much related issue, I have heard from a few families already that your financial situation has been negatively impacted in a significant way recently. Please know that we want to help as much as we are able. SCCS is a family and our partnership isn’t cut during difficulty; rather, it is cultivated. Therefore, in the spirit of Christian community and biblical generosity, I am asking two things. 1) If you have been significantly impacted by recent events to the point that you are unable to make your full tuition payment, please contact me directly so we can discuss the available options ( [email protected] or 661-252-7371 ext. 15). I will be calling families in the coming days in order to have this personal conversation and help navigate the way forward. 2) On the other hand, if you are able and compelled to provide funds for those unable to cover tuition, I would very much welcome this conversation as well. Honestly, I don’t fully know what to expect by asking these two things, but I prayerfully hope to see God’s people cared for in time of need and God’s name exalted through the generous redeployment of His resources. Would you please pray and act with me toward that end?  

Encouragement (for those who have an extra three minutes)

As we each consider how to process and shepherd our children through these current events and the unfolding future, please consider the following four “G’s” as conversation starters from one parent to another. I am not claiming to have all the answers, but I do believe the Word of God is powerful and timelessly sufficient for every person and all circumstances. These four points came about after finding out yesterday that a family friend had died. Unfortunately, I shared this news with my kids too quickly and casually. They weren’t prepared for the news and I wasn’t prepared for their responses. While considering how I could have handled this better, I couldn’t help but to think of how all of us are being called to shepherd our kids through this difficult and confusing time. Therefore, I am inviting you into a conversation on how I could have—and how you might want to consider—talking with your kids about issues of life, death, and an international pandemic.

Grieving – It’s okay to grieve over the evidence and experience of sin’s corrupting influence. We know that the world is broken and all mankind is fallen (Genesis 3). We have been reminded that in this world we will have trouble (John 16:33) and all creation groans for redemption (Romans 8:22). But, for some reason, we try to avoid the reality of it and suppress it with denial or human explanations. This should not be. We have God’s Word telling us exactly what happened and why things are the way they are. Therefore, we have a divine explanation and every reason to grieve over this reality the way our Lord grieved over it (John 11:33-38). Giving our kids a biblical lens through which they can see the world according to God’s perspective will give them the ability and freedom to grieve as He does as well.

Gratitude – So as to not be overwhelmed, we must not focus on the corruption of humanity and our world, but on the work that God has done to overcome it. Let us not forget that our biggest problem has been dealt with; namely, the condemnation we deserve because of our sin (Romans 6:23). Just as Jesus promised us trouble in this world, He also declared that He has overcome it (John 16:33). In addition, though creation is groaning now, there is a day when it will be set free (Romans 8:21). This momentary affliction is not the permanent situation of those who belong to God in Christ. Therefore, we give thanks that a better day is not only promised, but reserved in heaven (1 Peter 1:4). We have reason to be grateful in the midst of these trials.

Gospel – In light of this reality, we have reason to acknowledge that the gospel truly is ‘Good News’ for mankind (Luke 2:11)! In fact, it is within this context of COVID-19 that doors for the gospel are opened. People need to hear THE good news with great hope. COVID-19 may take lives from this world, but not from the next. The corrupting and condemning nature of sin, however, is the real pandemic (Romans 3:23). It is a good thing to pray for a cure so that COVID-19 doesn’t take more lives, but we must also pray to God and proclaim to others the saving message of Jesus Christ so that people they will have a salvation and hope that will not disappoint (Romans 5:5).

Glory – This may sounds strange to some and obvious to others, but God’s glory is not compromised nor concealed in a COVID-19 world. Rather, His glory is on full display as He actively protects, directs, and cares for His people. God is not a disconnected observer of this world and our individual lives; rather, He is infinitely and intimately concerned for each of us and all of us. I am hearing of people being saved as the gospel is proclaimed. People are sacrificially helping others to provide for physical and/or eternal needs. This is the heart of God, working through His people, for His ultimate and eternal glory (Romans 11:36).

I realize we are moving to a 5G world technologically and 4G is fading away. Therefore, in the spirit of advancement and mutual edification (as well as just for fun), I would like to invite any willing responders to propose an additional “G” of your own. I can’t promise that I will have the time or opportunity to update everyone with the submissions gathered, but I can guarantee that I will likely steal your great ideas and insight for my own personal use. May God continue to bless you and your family during this days of opportunity.

In closing, thank you for your ongoing prayers and support! SCCS is a ministry that God has given to this community so that the local church and the families therein would have a place for the evangelizing and discipling of the next generation to make more and better disciples of Jesus Christ. Your love, generosity, and commitment make this possible. Thank you!

For Him,
Dr. Mark Wilson | Administrator
Santa Clarita Christian School

“All things are possible with God.” – Mark 10:27