On Thursday, September 26, SCCS 5th grade science students dug further into their study on paleontology as they experienced unique hands-on learning and hunted for dinosaur bones.

“In the beginning of this week, we went through the steps a paleontologist takes when excavating any type of fossil,” shared Miss Brooks, 5th grade science teacher. “Throughout the process they excavate, prepare, reconstruct, and date the material. I loved seeing these students carry out the process of excavation that we have studied.”

As the students carried out this process and project, they worked on further developing critical thinking skills. This applies specifically to science when making claims, citing evidence, and learning to communicate findings. Throughout this unit, as in all learning at SCCS, a biblical worldview was explored.

“When studying paleontology as Christians, it is vital that we see the world through God’s Word and use God’s Word as evidence,” continued Miss Brooks. “When we look at what God’s Word says, not just about creation, but about His promises, we can see He is a faithful and trustworthy God. I began this unit by discussing the story of creation in Genesis 1. In light of Genesis, we can study this world that God created and all its mysteries and intricacies with confidence and clarity. Many of the topics in paleontology today are hotly debated and used as evidence for evolution; however, we get to look at it through the lens the Creator gave us and find true joy in our studies.”

One emphasis that Miss Brooks has made in this process is sharing multiple worldviews such as creationist and evolutionary views. 


“I want to make the material practical for my students and inform them of the worldviews they will one day face,” shared Miss Brooks. “There is a lot of talk in the scientific world about dinosaurs evolving into birds. What we believe as Christians is informed by Genesis chapter one and the days of creation where God says land animals were created on day six and birds were created on day five. Although God’s creation is beautifully complex, we can know that a bird is not a dinosaur and vice versa.”

During the study of paleontology, students considered how science affirms how the Bible describes the world around us.

“I believe we need more scientists with a biblical worldview,” continued Miss Brooks. “When we study God’s creation through a biblical lens, things make sense. Evolutionary scientists try to take God out of the equation, which we see in Romans 1- the suppressing of the truth. The only true education is one that is founded in and informed by scripture. The reason we study and learn in the first place is to give God the glory and worship Him.”

After the study on paleontology is wrapped up, 5th grade science students will turn their attention to learning and studying weather.  

“I hope my students have an awe and wonder for God’s amazing faithfulness, might, and sheer creativity,” shared Miss Brooks. “In all of my subjects, I hope to push my students to gaze at their Savior and see what wondrous things He has done. He has truly made an incredible world for us to live in and experience and all of creation sings His praises!”