Over the weekend, 17 of SCCS secondary students in FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) traveled to Disneyland for their Youth Education Series focused on leadership and teamwork.

“Students practiced leadership and teamwork in fun games and activities around the park like asking 10 questions of their partners and remembering all while riding the Pirates of the Caribbean ride! Hopefully, they will implement what they learned here into their work at the school snack shop, Shop on the Corner, and as they pursue careers in the future,” shared Melissa Coughlin, faculty advisor for FBLA.

Throughout the experience, participants worked through Disney’s Four C’s of leadership – courage, confidence, curiosity and constancy. Students discussed what it takes to become an excellent leader, like Walt Disney.

“At Disneyland, students learned the importance of communication, trust and problem solving in a team setting,” continued Mrs. Coughlin. “They seemed to really enjoy this experience and hopefully, they walked away with new confidence and perspective.”

Students were also encouraged to dream bigger than they think. With the right team and leadership, nothing is impossible. Tenth grade student Ewan Leonard added, “Don’t ever let anyone tell you no. Don’t ever give up on your dream. Strive to be better as a human, and be courageous in your leadership.”

Thirty SCCS secondary students participate in FBLA. The vision of FBLA at SCCS is focused on students developing competent, God-honoring business leadership skills while they sharpen tools that pinpoint strengths in themselves and others as they seek to work together as a team.

Additionally, students are encouraged to grow their interest and understanding of American business enterprise. 

“FBLA is a national organization that propels students to grow in leadership and teamwork through opportunities to practice efficient money management and establishing occupational goals,” shared Mrs. Coughlin. “Involvement in this group helps students focus on their career and their future.”

This is the first year FBLA has been offered at SCCS. Mrs. Coughlin enjoys the opportunity to help provide this experience for students.

“I love being the FBLA advisor because I get to help students get a glimpse of what their lives might be like in the workplace,” continued Mrs. Coughlin. “They get to practice teamwork and leadership in our own Shop on the Corner and even see the fruits of their labor their senior year when they get to use a percentage of the profits they earned through the years for their end-of-the-year senior activities and/or senior trip to Hawaii. It’s a great experience for them.”