This year’s Fall Fling was a grand success! On Friday, October 4th, ninth through twelfth graders celebrated the school’s annual Fall Fling, an event organized by SCCS’s Student Leadership Council. With a reimagined theme including taco and churro trucks and a donkey – yes, a donkey – students enjoyed making memories together.

“We loved this year’s Fall Fling! It was a fun fellowship event for high school students to enjoy,” shared SCCS senior Alicia Castillo. “Moments like this bring unity to our student body and remind us of why we share that unity. It’s only because of Christ that we can love each other and get along with one another. We, as believers, have the strength to put aside ourselves and to focus on other’s needs. Moments like these and events like these differentiate us from other schools. Seeing students excited and happy for the right reasons is what makes these events successful.”

High school students enjoyed the evening while sharing a meal, square dancing together and having a good time deepening friendships.