This Sunday, October 27, from 9 am to 3:30 pm, SCCS families are invited to attend a one-day worldview conference called “Understanding the Times” hosted by SCCS and Santa Clarita Baptist Church (SCBC). All ages are welcome to come to this free event which includes a program for children ages Kindergarten through 4th grade. Please RSVP today if you plan on bringing a child to the nursery.

“We want to equip believers to think about their lives and their world from a biblical lens,” shared Dr. McLain at SCBC. “Too often we treat the Bible as a self-help book or guide to a happy life instead of the very word of God that it is. We want to help people see that the Bible must be their foundation if they are to live lives pleasing to God and understand topics as diverse as science, philosophy, politics, and education.”

During the conference, participants will hear from three different speakers – Dr. Matt McLain, Dr. Mark Wilson, and Dr. Greg Jones. Topics explored include Worldview and the Consequences of Ideas, Living Out Your Worldview: A Primer on Biblical Ethics and The Road Ahead – Biblical Worldview in a Pre-Christian Culture: A Call to Action.

“We want people to better understand their perspectives so that they can see where they are thinking biblically and where they are not,” continued Dr. McLain. “God is the God of truth, so if we want to know truth then we need to know God, and the way to know God is through His Word. Everyone needs to understand Scripture, and the sooner we start thinking biblically the better.”

Also included in this conference are breakfast and lunch while families enjoy spending time together and discussing what they have learned in the sessions. Between sessions, attendees will enjoy various games and there will be a bounce house for the small kids.

“I am just excited to talk about how we should think as Christians,” shared Dr. McLain. “It’s such an important topic. I hope people think deeply from the Word of God and learn through this how to interpret the world around them.”