Santa Clarita Christian’s sixth graders had the opportunity to spend October 3rd -5th surrounded by the natural beauty of the Mojave Desert at Camp Ironwood last week. Students and parents were able to have new outdoor adventures as well as focus, without distraction, on the Word of God. SCCS’s  Doron Gladden brought the Bible to the sixth graders each night and covered the topics of Psalm 19, how the heavens declare the glory of the Lord and of Romans 1 which speaks of God’s wrath from Heaven and our need of a Savior.

“The Bible declares that creation testifies very plainly concerning God’s nature and His works,” said Mr. Gladden. “The law of God reveals man’s sinfulness through creation and testifies the need of the Gospel through the revelation of Jesus Christ. The kids are surrounded by creation each day of their lives. This is especially true when they are in a setting that brings them to terms with God’s creation. It may provoke them to ask questions that only the Bible can answer for them. The desert lends itself to the kind of visual stimulation and the absence of many distractions which creates a platform for God’s truth to be made know, visually and biblically.”

Sixth grade teacher, Miss Hovey added, “The camp is always a favorite memory from the students’ sixth grade year. Not only are they challenged with scripture, but also with new physical activities that allow them to encourage one another and grow closer. Sixth grade students and parents learned about the desert as an ecosystem and enjoyed outdoor activities such as canoeing, archery, fishing, and horseback riding. The students also enjoyed sliding down a 3-story water slide into a swimming pond.”

Going away overnight to Camp Ironwood gives the students a chance to grow in special ways too. For some, it was tackling the giant water slide or fishing for the first time and for others it was learning new truths about God and how to apply them.

“Many of the kids tried things for the first time during the recreational time,” shared Mr. Gladden. “It is neat to see some of them experience that joy of discovery, under God’s common grace. Most of all, it is an eternal blessing to set the Word of God before young minds as they experience the creation around them.”

During the science camp, boys and girls had the chance to break up into groups in the morning, and participate in special devotional times, as well as to pray with one another. “Students were challenged to spend time in God’s Word on their own in order to grow in wisdom and their love for the Lord,” said Miss Hovey. “Our kids were faced with the reality that earth proclaims the glory of God and the whole earth is full of His glory. They also learned that man is responsible to look at creation and recognize the design of the Creator and the need for a Savior. The time away was enriching and it energized students in their passion for science as well as God’s Word.”