SCCS fifth grade teachers and students have continued their “Fun Friday” tradition during this season of remote learning.

“As we thought about what we could do at a distance, on zoom, we thought it would be fun to bake chocolate chip cookies together,” said fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Cherry.  

Teachers got so much positive feedback from the parents and students, that they decided to continue with the Fifth Grade Baking Show and make it a weekly event for students to look forward to.

“This is a great communal activity for fifth grade,” said Mrs. Holt, a fifth grade parent. “It warmed my heart.”

Since the baking show started, students have baked chocolate chip cookies, resurrection rolls (for Easter weekend), and Rice Krispie Treats!

Last week, the resurrection rolls were one of the highlights of the lessons because of the story behind them. “We were able to explain the death and resurrection of Christ while having fun baking,” said Mrs. Cherry. “The idea is to roll a marshmallow in a crescent roll and when it comes out of the oven, it is gone… the Lord has RISEN! We loved being able to share the gospel through the show! They have brought their siblings along. It had turned into a family affair!”

Not only is baking fun and students get to enjoy something sweet when they are done, they have also been learning practical skills.

“When we started the Baking Show, we were converting customary units of weight, length, and capacity in our math lesson and thought what a cool way to combine what we’ve been learning in math with something fun,” said Mrs. Cherry. “Our students now have an opportunity to apply what they’ve learned to a real-life scenario. Another everyday skill we are trying to teach is the importance of simply being able to follow directions! We will also be incorporating writing skills into our baking too.”

The fifth grade teachers are excited to continue baking with the students and their families each week. “Our overall goal is to give the students something fun to look forward to and end the week together as a united fifth grade,” said Mrs. Cherry. This Friday, April 24th students will be baking snickerdoodles and teachers plan to have a cupcake war soon.

“I have been so encouraged and impressed by the way my students have handled remote learning,” said fifth grade teacher, Miss Gwinn. “They ‘come’ to class eager to learn and are attentive to instruction. Seeing their sweet faces everyday makes a weird time much sweeter. They are so excited to see each other, and their joy is contagious. I am excited to see how the Lord will grow them academically, socially, and spiritually during this time.”

Mrs. Cherry went on to say, “Our students have continued to stay motivated and interact throughout the lessons. I have especially loved our Bible and prayer times together. It is so sweet to hear their prayers and their expressions of love for the Lord. Distance learning has allowed for more one-on-one interaction which has greatly benefited the students! They are so strong during these uncertain times. I am so proud of them!”