Preparations are in full swing for the SCCS 2020 International High School Choir tour. This year, the group of 64 students and parents will travel to Lisburn, Ireland. 

“The high school choir department is thrilled to be preparing for our annual spring choir tour,” shared Susi Johnson, choir teacher. “We will be flying into London on March 20th, 2020, taking a scenic train up to Edinburgh, Scotland where we will do some sightseeing and minister to a local church on Sunday morning. We will then fly to Belfast to begin our week of ministry with Emmanuel Baptist Church (EBC), pastored by Andrew Curry, an alum of The Master’s Seminary and former high school pastor at Grace Community Church.”

Additionally, the group will run workshops with local public school choral groups each day as they teach them arrangements of two Irish-based hymns. 

“At the end of the week we will headline a concert sponsored by the city of Lisburn and EBC where each choir will sing, Andrew will preach briefly on the history of church music in Ireland and then we will end the concert singing the two hymns we learned together,” continued Mrs. Johnson. “It is an incredible opportunity to share the gospel and to fellowship with students of many different faiths and religions in the local schools.”

Opportunities to explore local history and culture will be included as they visit and sing in old castles. Near the end of the trip, they will view the coast of Ireland and end their trip in Dublin.

“We covet your prayers and financial support as we look to raise $2000 for each student to experience this amazing trip and opportunity to learn beyond the classroom.”