A crime has been committed in Miss Preheim’s Honors Chemistry class, and tenth grade students are using their knowledge of substances to solve it!

“Last week and this week we have been studying Forensic Science Techniques for analyzing evidence,” shared Miss Preheim. “Before the students begin their investigation, I give them a different scenario of various crimes and their job is to help police investigate a crime. In studying the properties of matter, like blood, we watch to see how they change physically and chemically and we can use those to identify different substances.” 

The Honors Chemistry class, a challenging class that gives students an extra grade point, is focused on the science and chemical make-up of substances around us. “The atom is the smallest unit and it is so complex,” shared Miss Preheim. “People will say the big bang is where atoms came from, but the periodic table is so organized, there is no way it could have been random.” 

The class also goes through The New Answers Book by Ken Ham as a tool to see the world of science through a Biblical lens. “This week’s question was how do the laws of science disprove evolution?” shared Miss Preheim.

Combining a Biblical worldview with a rigorous academic course helps students learn how to defend their faith and beliefs. “Students have been taught that evolution is wrong, but in this class we get to learn why it’s wrong and they are given scientific evidence to back up their beliefs,” shared Miss Preheim. “Students will be able to go out into the world and have intelligent conversations about why they believe in creationism.” One thing I always remind my students is that science must fit into the Bible, not the other way around.”

Miss Preheim has a Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Science with Single Subject credentials in Biology and Chemistry from The Master’s University. She has a passion for teaching Physical Science, Chemistry and Biology at SCCS.