Yesterday, November 7th, SCCS 4th grade students enjoyed a unique educational experience through “A Walk Through California”, a lively retelling of Californian history provided by California Weekly Explorer. 

“SCCS has partnered with California Weekly Explorer, a wonderful educational experience, for many years,” shared 4th grade teacher Mrs. Banke. “Giving our students the opportunity to live and learn about California’s rich history from Native Americans to the present day is a real treat for all who participate.”

Together, students traveled together through the retelling of California’s history and major events that shaped the state. Using drama, dance, games, and music, students experienced what they have been learning in the classroom and reinforced this knowledge through vibrant, immersive learning. 

“The Walk Through covers  History standards from start to finish for 4thgrade,” continued Mrs. Banke. “We have just finished learning about the life of early Native Americans and early explorers in class. The Walk Through added the finishing touches to what we have already learned in the classroom.”

During the presentation, a large topographical map of California was assembled to help students visualize where these important events took place. 


“The students used a time machine to travel the timeline of California history,” shared Mrs. Banke. “They became different characters, people groups, and symbols that are all such a significant part of California history. To prepare for the presentation, students chose a costume that would be representative of the state of California. They had the option of being a Spanish missionary, an explorer, a conquistador, a senorita, a gold miner, a geographic feature, or something from the large span of produce that California offers. One student even came as an avocado.”

This experience involved students in the history of California while presenters led students in activities that helped them in learning about historical events while fostering cooperation, recall, and critical thinking. 

“I love to see the students engaged in learning,” continued Mrs. Banke. “They are in touch with the learning because of the hands-on integration that the Walk Through brings to the classroom. This is one of my favorite field trips. I love teaching 4th grade! These students have been in school long enough to handle the day-to-day routines, but they still love to engage with their teacher and feed on learning. There is no other place I would rather be than in the 4th grade.”