Kindergarteners at Santa Clarita Christian School are receiving a distinctly Christian education that focuses on reading excellence through the use of phonics.

“The Abeka reading program that we have used for over twenty years teaches the kindergarteners to learn to read phonetically,” shared Kindergarten Teacher, Kelly Steinbock. “It gives students the skills they need to not only begin reading, but it also gives them strategies they can apply when meeting a new or challenging word.”

The Kindergarten program at SCCS places an emphasis on learning the basics of not only letter sounds, but also letter blends and special sounds so that children can sound out words, not just memorize them. “At SCCS, the students use this phonics program in K-3rd, which gives them a great foundation for reading and spelling,” shared Mrs. Steinbock. 

Small class sizes, reading groups and a full-time teacher’s aide allow for personal concentration on each student’s reading ability.

“The Abeka reading program really sets our students up for success and gives them the foundation for a lifelong love of reading and learning,” added Mrs. Steinbock. “The quick success that our kindergartners gain by learning to read phonetically makes reading for them so much fun and really builds their confidence! Most Our kindergartners are reading by December.”