How do we bring God’s word to students, so that they filter His word all around them? How can a teacher understand the way to conduct class so that it has a lasting impact on the salvation of their students? We bring Christ’s kingdom to them. Kingdom education is God’s plan to educate future generations to develop a God-centered worldview and therefore to think and act according to God’s ways.

This year Dr. Jones is leading and challenging our teachers and administration to go through the book, Kingdom Education by Glen Shultz. When you think of how your child views the world, one must ask if it is the world creating their view, or the Bible. Education is not a means to salvation, but it is a means to a belief system that affects our children’s lives for all eternity. Shultz points out, “One of the most important issues Christians must address is the need to develop a biblical worldview in our children’s hearts and minds.”

Santa Clarita Christian School is striving for excellence in Christian education. We want our students to know Jesus Christ as Savior, to be continually transformed into the image of Christ and to be fully equipped to serve Christ in everyday life. Our focus as a school is to instill a God-centered worldview. Society hits our children continually with a man-centered worldview. Alignment is key when thinking of our children’s education.

“As we seek to partner with parents to create a Biblical worldview, we must develop a sense of community,” shared Dr. Jones. “We want graduates that live for Christ. Our platform is excellence in education and we align ourselves with God’s word.”

With a constant pull to a man-centered worldview, how can we influence our children for Christ? This is where relationships come into play. We are battling for their hearts. 

As the staff goes through the book Kingdom Education, they are being challenged to create for their students a God-centered worldview. “Since God is truth, we learn to understand God’s nature by pursuing knowledge, wisdom and understanding” states Shultz. One of the most important aspects of this is that a God-centered worldview declares that truth is a person! Jesus Christ!

As parents and a school, our efforts to educate our children are so that they have a prosperous future. Dr. Jones teaches his twelfth grade Bible class about the importance of the time we are in now, but also looks to the future. He said, “Students need to understand the purpose of education and how to lead.” We want to prepare them for what is to come in that future. But as Shultz says, “It is essential that the view of the future that drives our children’s education is accurate. That view must include a literal heaven and hell as the only options for where we will spend eternity.” Teachers are being encouraged to think through new tools and ways to reach students. Our school seeks to take a two-pronged approach to academics. 

By having God at the center of our children’s worldview, we are giving them a belief system that matters. This is incredibly important because what we believe determines our behavior, counts forever and determines how we will serve Christ. We must build those relationships and not be merely concerned with outward actions or appearances. We must instruct them in a way that impacts their beliefs. For this reason, kingdom education requires teachers who will speak truth.

At SCCS, the relationships that our teachers and staff form with our student body are long lasting. Our teachers care about their students souls. “Our goal is to lead our children to a balanced Christian life,” says Shultz. “That type of life requires that our children first know what to believe and then as a result, how to live.”

We are so very blessed by our teachers who take the time to pursue the hearts of their class. By coloring everything that is taught with an emphasis in the truth of God’s word, they are showing their students the future. Our future and hope is Christ.