In early spring, Mrs. Janelle Sonnenburg, SCCS Secondary English teacher will participate in a professional development convention in Dublin, Ireland as she sets her sights on the upcoming British Literature tour.

“The WorldStrides Dublin convention allows teachers a chance for professional development by exploring exciting new destinations with fellow teachers and WorldStrides staff, as well as learning valuable details about leading an educational tour,” shared Mrs. Sonnenburg. “This convention will further prepare me for the March 2020 British Literature trip to England and Scotland.”

During the British Literature tour in spring 2020, students will explore important historical and literary sites, discover the diversity and heritage of different cultures, and return home with a new-found perspective of our world and the global family of God. The group will visit the Tower of London, Windsor Castle, Oxford, and Shakespeare country, and more.
“By going to this convention in Ireland, I am hoping to become more familiar with the WorldStrides program,” continued Mrs. Sonnenburg. “We are partnering with them because they provide the perfect mixture of fun and learning, and everything we need for the trip of a lifetime. They are an accredited program offering either high school or college travel abroad credit, included in the cost of the trip.”

There is limited space available for high school junior and senior students for the March 13-21, 2020 trip. WorldStrides offers many payment options, scholarships, and fundraising opportunities. If you are interested, contact Mrs. Sonnenburg. The deadline for application is November 20th.  


“The England-Scotland trip enhances what we learn in class as students can fully visualize the stories and events by seeing sights first-hand on this once-in-a-lifetime educational adventure,” shared Mrs. Sonnenburg. “Learning about British literature is a unique experience since we speak the same language, yet our history and contexts are vastly different.”

The spring tour is sure to be a milestone moment for those who attend. Mrs. Sonnenburg is looking forward to seeing learning come alive for students.

“I love seeing students make connections. Literature class isn’t just about reading a text, it is about context. Who was the author? When did they live? What events in their life led to why they wrote? What was happening in the world at the time? And what do their critics have to say? I love it when students turn into literary sleuths!”