Uncommon: This was the topic of our two-day spiritual focus, NEXUS, held Wednesday, August 28 and Thursday, August 29. The first full week of school brought the secondary students a chance to set their minds on God.

Students were able to have a change of pace and spend a couple hours each day fellowshipping, assessing and praying. NEXUS, meaning pinnacle or start, is a time set apart by SCCS to help its students have a right focus for the year. It is important for them to build relationships together, but also witness each other growing in relationship with God.

Each day started out with Mrs. Clapper and the SLC students leading a time of team building and fellowship as students could compete in games and also build relationships. It was a time for all secondary grades to bond while gathering, whether students have been at SCCS their whole lives, are new to the school or are a part of our homeschool Academy group.

Pastor Kennedy encouraged students to really think of the meaning of NEXUS, which is to focus or be centered. This year’s focus was specifically about the life of Abraham and how God used him to draw him closer to Jesus.

During day one, Greg Barshaw from Connect2 Ministries (a ministry in Haiti) and Lighthouse Bible Church Simi Valley challenged students with the question, “What will it take for us to see our greatest need, a relationship with Jesus?”

“Greg Barshaw was absolutely incredible,” said Mrs. Clapper. “He really touched ours and the student’s hearts. Greg shared how God used Abraham in an uncommon way and challenged us all with how uncommon it is to live like we do. He asked, ‘why does God have us specifically in this place and time and others in other circumstances and place (Gods sovereignty).’”

Aaron Miller, Children’s Pastor from Grace Baptist Church, wrapped up day two. Speaking from Psalm 91, he showed us how God uses pain to shape and mold you into the person he desires you to be.

When NEXUS was over, faculty encouraged students to talk about and process what they learned from the two-day experience. Students were encouraged to consider what Jesus is using in their lives to display Himself.