SCCS’s kindergarten teachers, Kelly Steinbock and Jessica Martin value incorporating parent volunteers into their weekly classroom activities. “We appreciate parents signing up and participating in the classroom,” shared Mrs. Martin. “Our school is a welcoming place. It is like home for our families and the students and parents love it!” Each month teachers provide a volunteer form and parents choose a day or two on which to participate.

Parents volunteer in the classroom to assist with center rotations, help with class parties and field trips, and take part in special classroom days such as: Dr. Seuss day, the 100th day of school celebration, and community helper days. “Centers teach independence, following directions, organization and critical thinking. One of the best parts of centers are the parents and grandparents that come in to help. The students love to have their parents in the classroom!” shared Mrs. Steinbock.

Having parents in the classroom encourages both the students and the parents. A former kindergarten parent shared, “Being able to have an active part in my son’s kindergarten day was amazing.

I loved seeing all the kids in the class and seeing those friendships form. I now have a better understanding of the teacher’s role and the curriculum.”



Kindergarten is a pivotal year and SCCS’s strong faith-based academic program, partnered with the one-on-one, personalized attention from the teacher, the aide, and parent volunteer truly helps equips young students for excellence. “According to recent research on the best practices in education, parental involvement is the most accurate predictor of scholastic achievement,” shared Lynn Kistler, SCCS Director of Academics.

A kindergarten student added, “I love having my mom be in the class with me. It makes me feel special to show her what I am learning.”