On Sunday evening, March 17, SCCS parents and teachers gathered for an educational summit with guest speaker, Dr. Glen Shultz. During the evening, Dr. Shultz shared from his book, Kingdom Education.

“Your worldview is going to answer the most important questions like, ‘Who am I? Why am I here? Why is the world such a mess? What’s the answer and how is it fixed?’,” shared Dr. Shultz. “As parents and teachers, we have received from God the obligation to teach our children a biblical worldview so our children can answer those questions rightly. What a great opportunity to be involved in Christian education.”

The evening covered topics related to today’s culture war, the impact of education on the culture war, finding the purpose of education and God’s instructions on how to educate our children.

“Through the information and discussion in his book, Dr. Shultz articulates what we are doing here at SCCS,” shared Dr. Jones. “It’s more than education. It’s more than ministry. It’s worldview training. We are raising our children in a culture where worldviews collide, where worldviews compete – and our children are the price. So, as we fight this battle, as we fight for the minds and hearts of our children, we need to be prepared. And one way to become prepared is being informed and having a game plan. We are here as a team, a partnership – the home, the church and the school. We are grateful to have had Dr. Shultz with us here at SCCS.”

The importance of teaching a biblical worldview was strengthened by various statistics shared including a study that reveals that 9% of born-again Christians operate from a biblical worldview and only 51% of American pastors operate from a biblical worldview. Dr. Shultz also addressed the argument some Christian parents have for putting their children in public schools – so they can be ‘salt and light’ to the world.


“Jesus told his disciples that YOU are the salt of the earth, but nowhere in scripture does he tell children that they are the salt of the earth. We are told to protect children, not shelter them. Protection is not for sheltering, protection is for preparation, so they become disciples,” continued Dr. Shultz. “True salt and light enter into spiritual warfare. If you look at the book of Numbers – the nation of Israel was told to number their men 20 years and older who were fit for battle. As Christians, we should be making certain that by the time our children are 20, they are fit for battle. Not physical battle, but spiritual battle. And then they can be salt and light. The reason why our culture isn’t being changed by Christians is we think being salt is carrying our bible into our workplaces and praying before meals in public. Being salt is making contact with error and refuting it with biblical truth in a graceful way.”

Our school has become a Prime Member with Dr. Glen Schultz and Kingdom Education Ministries. This membership gives our staff access to a wide variety of resources that will help them develop a stronger biblical worldview.  There are also resources on parenting, grand parenting and other topics designed to equip them to train our children and youth in the Lord.

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