SCCS has purchased the successful Rocket Math program for its elementary students, helping them to learn math quickly while having fun. Second-grade teacher, Alisha Preheim, has utilized the Rocket Math system for five years now. “It is a fun way for them to learn their addition and subtraction facts,” shared Mrs. Preheim.

The purpose of Rocket Math is to keep track of each child’s goal for passing the One-Minute Daily Test. The goal is for students to write the answers to math facts as fast as they can — without any hesitation. The without hesitation is key. Rocket Math is used for addition, subtraction, and multiplication fluency.

And, math fluency is just like reading fluency. “When a child reads we want them to get to the place where they see the word and without hesitation, they know it. The same idea with math facts. We want automaticity. Automaticity with math facts means we can answer any math fact instantly and without having to stop and think about it. In fact, one good description of automaticity is that it is “obligatory” — you can’t help but do it.” (Taken from the Rocket Math website.)

As students see their success, they are encouraged to increase their speed on the tests. Students have become more fluent with their facts and more confident in math. “They do love Rocket Math,” shared Mrs. Preheim

“They cheer every day when I tell them to get ready for it. They love partnering up with each other to practice. They love it as they meet or pass their goals and enjoy cheering each other on.”

The Rocket Math program has been purchased for all elementary teachers to use at SCCS. Mrs. Preheim led a demonstration last week, explaining how the program works and how best to utilize it. Rocket Math offers a 26 sheet (A-Z) worksheet program or digital app that can be used on the school’s new Apple iPads. There are also games that can be played at home with a parent.

“I love rocket math,” shared SCCS student. “I can’t wait to do it and beat my last score. It makes it way more fun!”