From February 20-24, 40 SCCS students and 15 chaperones will travel to Nashville, Tennessee. The goal of this educational trip is for students to witness what it is like to work as a believer who is a professional musician in the music industry.

“It’s always an exciting opportunity to teach the students different jobs and opportunities that can be found in music,” shares Susi Johnson, Junior High and High School Choir Director. “Whether we are in New York City experiencing what goes into being on stage or in Australia seeing what music in missions looks like or in Nashville understanding what is involved in writing, recording and producing music, the possibilities are endless. We need believers in the industry and that is what I hope to spark in my students.”

Students will experience a day-long workshop on writing and recording music. They will perform for a local school and church. Additionally, they will tour Belmont University and enjoy a clinic with one of their choral professors.

“There is something special that happens on these choir trips,” continues Johnson. “When choir kids graduate, they talk about the trips that we took during their time in choir at SCCS. They often reminisce on how it changed their life and shaped their perspective of the body of Christ. I’m no exception, these opportunities and experiences change me and help to foster love of Christ’s church and His kingdom.”



Susi Johnson is in her twelfth year at SCCS. She teaches her students the importance of being ambassadors for Christ and SCCS wherever they go.

“I hope my choral students develop a deep love of music,” continues Susi. “I hope that the lyrics we sing would permeate their heads and hearts and that those songs that we spend hours fine tuning and perfecting would come to mind years later when they are walking through a difficult time. That the text they sang about God’s goodness in high school would be just as true to them in the dark moments when they lose their job, or battle infertility or experience the heartbreak of broken relationships.”

“I love my job more and more every single day. I have the immense privilege of worshipping alongside my brothers and sisters in Christ and each day we grow together as we seek to be excellent in the medium of music.”