From May 8th through the 10th, 24 fourth grade students and 26 adult chaperones flew to Sacramento for the annual fourth grade California History Field Trip. 

“This field trip was designed to bring the wonder and amazement of our great state to life,” shared fourth grade teacher Mrs. Banke. “This concentrated educational excursion was filled with in-depth instruction, hands-on exploration and memorable adventures.”

The students enjoyed many special moments as they visited the state capital including sleeping in cabins, playing glow in the dark capture the flag, hiking, experiencing class in a one-room school house, taking a river cruise on the Sacramento River, becoming a famous prospector of the gold rush while walking the streets of Old Sac, hopping on trains and attending a baseball game. Additionally, students walked through the Governor’s office, explored Sutter’s Fort and watched a thrilling car-handling demonstration by the California Highway Patrol.

“Trips that are beyond the walls of the school allow students to explore and experience what they have learned first-hand,” continued Mrs. Banke. “Students had the opportunity to sleep next to the American river where gold was first discovered. The discovery of gold led to the expansion and statehood of this great state in which we live.”


Students enjoyed the adventures of the trip as the history they have studied throughout the year came to life.

“I love to teach fourth grade because students at this age have a desire to learn,” shared Mrs. Banke. “They still love school and strive to work hard as they learn new things. My hope for the fourth grade students is above all that they remember to please and honor Christ in all they think, say and do. I pray that they will love one another and stand up for righteousness even when it makes them uncomfortable.”