Through diligence and perseverance, computer Teacher, Doron Gladden, and his K-8th grade students have worked diligently in their computer curriculum and earned the Master Digital Literacy Award from for their mastery of the computer curriculum. “The students have worked extremely hard to achieve this level of digital literacy in the classroom,” shared Mr. Gladden. “This award is truly their award. They have, with great success, over the last school year, challenged themselves to become familiar with computers and to learn how computers function.”, was founded in 1999, and provides educators with solutions to equip their students with critical digital literacy skills by providing curriculum, guides, and teacher resources. Educators may earn the Award for Digital Literacy is given to educators at three levels: Master, Expert and Champion. Those in the top 5% of digital usage receive the award for Master.

Mr. Gladden added, “Each fall, recognizes educators for outstanding use of digital literacy resources based on the depth and breadth of digital literacy curriculum used over the previous school year. In the classroom, I encourage students to problem-solve and troubleshoot issues that arise when they are engaging their lessons. Sometimes it is easy to simply give them the correct answer, but students have grown when they are challenged to seek many of the right answers for themselves with the teacher’s guidance. There is a joy and sense of accomplishment when they find many of the answers for themselves and move from one lesson to the next.”