Congratulations to SCCS Senior Haley Gunther for being chosen as a Seymour Finalist for the CSF South Central Region, one of five CSF regions in California. The Seymour Award is regarded as one of the highest scholastic honors given to high school students in the state of California. Haley is the first student to be chosen from this region in two years.

“Haley developed a lifelong passion for learning at a young age,” shared her mom, Mrs. Gunther. “When she turned fourteen, she began her search for a college that would allow her to take college courses at an early age. In preparation for AP Environmental Science and AP Biology which she took during her freshman year, she decided to audit her first college course, Biology 100, during the summer after eighth grade. Since then, Haley has completed 65 transferable semester units through four different universities during the course of her high school years.”

In order to be nominated for this prestigious award, students must participate in CSF and be chosen by their CSF Adviser. The Adviser’s selection is made on the basis of character, leadership, and service and looks for those Sealbearers who best personify the CSF motto, “Scholars for Service.” As a finalist, Haley will receive a $2,000 scholarship, and possibly $3,000 more if she wins the region. There are five CSF regions in California and ten finalists in each region. All finalists will interview in April to be selected as the region winner.    

Mrs. Brenner is Haley’s AP Biology instructor, as well as her Adviser for the JPL Invention Challenge Team and CSF Adviser who nominated her. “I have seen her grow in her ability and confidence in learning,” shared Mrs. Brenner. “Haley’s excitement when she understands a new concept or makes a new connection is contagious and serves to energize fellow students. She is a hard worker, focused on doing the most and the best with whatever God has given her, and at the same time, she loves investing in her peers and celebrating their accomplishments. She understands that her gifts are not only for herself but to benefit and bless the people in her life. I’m excited for Haley. This year, there is no other Santa Clarita student chosen for this award.”

Haley desires to pursue a degree in either Biomedical Engineering or Environmental Engineering while minoring in Premedical Studies. For graduate school, her goal is to attend UCLA Medical School and specialize in Pediatrics. As for where she will spend the next four years, Haley shared that she has received thirteen Offers of Admissions, yet she is still waiting to hear back from more than 10 universities who have not released their decision as of yet. One of her proudest moments is having interviewed with Stanford University and Northwestern University. While she’s not planning on attending either school, she’ll always be grateful to have had such an extraordinary opportunity.

Haley has attended Santa Clarita Christian school since kindergarten.