On January 1, nearly 30 SCCS soccer program alumni, ranging in graduating years from the original 2000-01 season through the 2018-19 season, gathered together for the annual Alumni Soccer game.

Coach Jason Cooper coaches at SCCS with his dad and head coach, Steve Cooper.

“Gathering to play a fun game of soccer was such a great opportunity to show appreciation to those individuals who have paved the way for the soccer program at SCCS,” shared coach Jason Cooper. “More importantly, it was a way to connect and potentially have another chance to influence those lives, especially of the more recent graduates. We don’t know what the alumni have been doing or going through and this game allows us to reach out to them and come alongside them.”

Coach Steve Cooper added, “We are grateful to those players who provided a path for the current team. Without the alumni, there wouldn’t be a current team. Between the families and parents and alumni, there are over 150 people to reconnect with and we all share a common bond.”

The coaching duo knows that the game of soccer reaches much further than the field and impacts the lives of each player and family.

“We work to teach the game and grow our athletes with a central focus on growing a Christ-centered approach to athletics,” continued coach Steve Cooper. “These boys need to grow into responsible men and not just men, but godly men both in word and deed. I am grateful to be able to encourage and support that growth.”

Coach Steve Cooper started coaching youth sports in the Santa Clarita Valley in 1979. He began coaching at SCCS for the elementary team in 1990 and started the varsity boys’ program in 2000.

“Our team this year is small in number, but they have a ‘never say die’ attitude and a great work ethic,” shared Coach Steve Cooper. “The battle happens during the game while the ultimate outcome belongs to the Lord.”

Coach Steve Cooper has also enjoyed coaching with his son, Jason, an SCCS parent and an alumnus. “It has been a gift to watch Jason transform from youth player to adult mentor.”

Coach Jason Cooper added, “Coaching with my dad has been special. I get to spend quality time with him for an extended amount of time each day. He has been a coach for over 30 years, not only on the soccer field but also in life. Being able to watch him and help him develop other players, both spiritually and physically is an amazing experience.”