High school students in Mrs. Coughlin’s Personal Finance class have been learning about giving and how to budget for tithing. This week, students brought their giving plans to fruition.

The first assignment given to the students this week was to give of their time in their homes.  For example, some students cleaned their rooms, some did the dishes and/or laundry without being asked, and some helped with Christmas-related chores like making cookies and putting up Christmas lights.

In class, students also discussed ways to use their personal resources to give to others at SCCS.  The second assignment was to come up with a way to encourage and bless people within our SCCS community and bring in money to pay for it.  As a surprise, students pooled some of their money together and brought the office ladies coffee on Thursday. 

The third assignment of the week encouraged students to consider and research various causes in which to participate.  Students researched some amazing causes like St. Jude’s Research Hospital and Make a Wish Foundation, but settled on bringing in toys for the LAFD’s Spark of Love campaign that works in conjunction with Toys for Tots. On Thursday they walked to Fire Station 107 on Soledad Canyon, with their donations. Students also brought some homemade treats for the firemen and were grateful to be a blessing to both the children of our community and to the firemen.