On Friday, April 12, over 50 SCCS senior high students gathered for a night of celebration, fun and community during the 2019 Junior/Senior Banquet at the Aquarium of the Pacific. After meeting at Tesoro Park for group photos, students traveled to the aquarium to explore creatures and exhibits, enjoy a photo booth, test their bravery with karaoke and savor a sumptuous dinner and dessert.

“We had access to the entire aquarium and all of the exhibits until 9pm. Students walked around, were able to touch jellyfish, starfish, sea anemones and more sea creatures. A highlight was probably the sea otters,” shared Mrs. Clapper, Activities Director. “This was our first time having it at the aquarium. It was fun to be able to have the entire property to ourselves! I can’t believe that senior Leroy Thompson convinced the aquarium volunteer to let him kiss a sea cucumber while at the touch tanks.”

In addition to enjoying the aquarium, students took pictures in the photo booth throughout the evening with fun props and began singing karaoke when the aquarium exhibits closed.

“Once the students got into karaoke, we had a line of students waiting to sing. Most of the students sang in groups and really got into their performance,” continued Mrs. Clapper.