Congratulations to Rachael Wilson, SCCS 7th grader, for her accomplishment in qualifying for the ACSI National Spelling Bee on May 3-4. Rachael and her dad, Roby Wilson, will travel to Washington DC for the competition.

“We are excited because Rachael has put in a lot of hard work over the past few years studying spelling words as well as how to remain calm and focused during competition,” shared Roby. “She has made it to the regional level for the past three years. It is a great honor for her to make it to this year’s ACSI National Spelling Bee and to represent SCCS.”

For Rachael, the hours of perseverance in studying has paid off. She has participated in the SCCS Spelling Bee from 4th through 6th grade and done well.

“This year I entered the State Spelling Bee and placed 2nd in the 5th-8thgrade category,” shared Rachael. “This qualified me for the regional spelling bee, which included California and Hawaii. I placed 5th and the top five move on to the ACSI National Bee in Washington DC on May 3rd. It is a great honor to have made it this far.”

Studying for this level of competition includes the entire family. Rachael spends a lot of time with her parents and ‘MeMe’ studying words and their definitions. She also reads a lot of books to be familiar with new vocabulary and spellings.

 “Spelling bees are challenging. You need to practice a lot,” continued Rachael. “I am excited to go to the National Spelling Bee and to represent SCCS in this way. It’s a great opportunity to visit Washington DC for the first time. I’m looking forward to seeing the capital with my dad.”

Both Rachael and her dad are looking forward to this adventure.

“It will be fun to interact with other students from around the country. We will also take the time to visit some of the historical sites in the DC area as well as a couple of the Smithsonian museums,” continued Roby.

We pray for Rachael and Roby as they travel to Washington DC.  We are rooting for you, Rachael!!