SCCS’s Varsity Boys and Girls Soccer teams have grown both on and off the field. “The boys’ team has a good group of freshmen and sophomores intermixed into the starting lineup with the juniors and seniors,” shared Coach Cooper. “The team continues to progress, as each new player learns to play with one another’s strengths and weaknesses.” The team stands at 2-6-2 overall.

Coach Phillips is leading the girls’ team to victory. “We’re on a 4-0-1 streak, unbeaten in our last five games,” shared Phillips. “That has brought us to a 5-4-2 record this season. Many different players are contributing to the team’s success. Our youngsters are carrying most of the load, scoring 23 goals, while our upperclassmen are providing a much-needed boost with ten goals. All of their goals have been purposeful, creative, and decisive.”

Both teams represent Christ on and off the field. “The girls have been growing in humility and selflessness and it shows,” said Coach Phillips. “We have talked about as a team the idea that we all make each other better. All 11 players have to work to get things done. The girls are a stark contrast to some of the teams they play who are in it for their own personal glory. We also discuss that God goes before them and has already decided all scores and outcomes; what they can control is their attitude and effort.” Coach Cooper added, “The boys have had numerous opportunities to pray, after games, with their opponents.”

Come out and support our Cardinal soccer teams! The boys’ schedule can be accessed here.  The girls’ schedule can be accessed here.