This Thursday was a busy day for seniors, underclassmen and their parents. During lunch we had representatives from University of the Pacific, The Master’s University and Biola University to share about their schools and answer questions. And, Thursday night the annual Senior Parent Meeting was held to discuss college preparedness, the senior trip and graduation plans.

Although most college planning begins far earlier than a students’ senior year, the last year of school for our students includes many important deadlines that must be met: the FAFSA application, SAT and ACT testing, UC and CSU applications, scholarships and so much more. Parents and students alike have a myriad of deadlines and decisions to make for their future that has endless possibilities for an SCCS graduate.

On Thursday night our College Counselor, Mrs. Gunther, walked parents through those many details that are merely final touches to the years of preparation and assistance she gives our students that begins in 9th grade.

“I give students and families one-on-one advisement and personal attention that really begins their first year of high school here at SCCS,” said Mrs. Gunther.

We are thankful for Mrs. Gunther’s passion and commitment to our students and our school.

If you missed the Senior Parent meeting on Thursday, click here to view upcoming college visits and top scholarship search sites. Click to view upcoming Christian University and College Fairs.

Whether your child is in elementary, jr. high or high school, feel free to ‘look ahead’ with Mrs. Gunther and see what the best courses are that your child should be taking, activities they should be involved in and what all the great opportunities there are for them. Mrs. Gunther can be reached by email at [email protected].