Friday, April 5th, SCCS students showed their creativity and hard work during the annual Art Show. Student art was created using various mediums.

“Students used acrylic paint, clay, oil pastels, beads, plastics, toothpicks, duct tape, soft pastels and block ink printing,” shared Bob Hernandez, SCCS Art teacher. “We tried to make each project special and different from the previous year, while also working within the parameters of each project’s requirements.”

Mr. Hernandez and Zony Gordon, Executive Board Member of the Santa Clarita Valley Artists Association, judged each piece of student art and awarded based on set criteria.

“There is amazing creativity amongst the students,” shared Zony. “The color and composition are good. Students are exploring their creativity. Some of the art is trendy. I see emerging merchandisers.”

For this year’s Art Show, the layout for the exhibit was different and allowed the displays to be more effective for showcasing the art.

“The Amazon Jungle project was probably the most challenging in that students had to learn and illustrate the Amazon jungle,” continued Mr. Hernandez.

Students at SCCS continue to grow in their creativity and art skills. The future of art at SCCS is bright.

“We want students to discover their creativity and not be afraid to experiment,” continued Mr. Hernandez. “Also, we don’t want them to be afraid to fail because failure is a big part of achieving success. During art class, students should use this time to decompress from the stress of classwork and homework and open themselves up to creating.”

Mr. Hernandez is an Emmy award-winning artist and Founder/President Emeritus of ArtTree, a local art organization focused on building community by providing opportunities to nurture creative thinking and expression through the unique power of the arts. We are grateful for his leadership and passion for teaching students about art and creativity.

Art Awardees