During the early morning hours on September 25, students from across the globe will gather around flagpoles in front of their school for See You At The Pole, a time of student-led prayer on behalf of their school, families, friends, churches and communities. 

“I am looking forward to See You At The Pole because it is such a wonderful opportunity for students to pray to the Lord for the well-being and protection of our country,” shared SCCS senior, Courtney Lotz. “This is a time to reflect on what the Lord has so graciously bestowed upon us in the past and a chance to pray to Him to bless our country in the future. This is also a time to beg the Lord to change the hearts of people who are currently leading our country as well as to ask the Lord to bend their hearts and decisions toward Him. I hope that this will be a time of students coming before the Lord and truly pouring out their hearts to Him with their requests.”

This movement began in 1990 as a grassroots effort by ten students praying at their school. Nearly 30 years later, that small movement has grown into millions of students pray on their campuses.

“I love for any opportunity to show the testimony of the gospel,” shared Wiley Kennedy, SCCS Campus Pastor. “See You At The Pole is not only a time of prayer, but is also an opportunity for students to stand with others giving testimony to the gospel of Christ. Because SCCS is a private institution, students have the freedom to make this choice, which is great. What I love, though, is that our students realize that they are also standing with other students from schools that don’t have this freedom and in-so-doing, stand with them for the cause of Christ.”

Topics for prayer are guided by students. Often, prayer for the country, its leaders, salvation for the lost and the poor, are the focus. Usually there is a time of silence so each individual can focus on his or her relationship with the Lord.

“As a student-led event, I believe this time will prepare students to stand up for what they believe in and make an impact on their surroundings after they leave SCCS,” continued Courtney. “Students learn to be vocal about the Lord. This time helps students understand their Christian worldview more and they start to see that being a Christian doesn’t just stop at church and chapel. It is, quite honestly, a terrifying thing to pray in public. This is something that I have struggled with over the years – being self-conscious and scared of what people think of me. This event specifically has helped me grow to learn that there is nothing to be ashamed of when I am praying to the Lord as long as I am doing it for Him and not my own self glory. Last year had the most impact on me because for the first time I went for the purpose of praying instead of being with my friends.”


In the SCCS community, the power of various ages of students gathering together for prayer can be a faith-impacting moment for students and staff alike.

“This day is especially unique in the setting of SCCS because everyone has a bond that is unlike other schools,” shared Courtney. “Students from every grade are invited to this event to pray and that is what makes this time so unique. Younger students can look at the older students and learn from them while the older students can look for ways to be examples to the younger students. When I was in elementary school, I was much too afraid to pray in front of other people but hearing older students pray shamelessly really encouraged me to be confident in my walk with the Lord. I believe that this is a time of bonding and a time of embracing the common unity all of the students have at SCCS. As a senior, I know that this is my last year to make an impact on the younger students. I want to use every second to glorify the Lord through my life and See You At The Pole is such a perfect way to do that.”

Watching students grow through leadership moments like this is encouraging for staff, families and the SCCS community.

“I have seen students become more dependent on the Lord in prayer and realize that only He is the one who makes a difference in the world,” continued Wiley. “One student in particular, a couple of years ago, really pushed our school to be part of this event. He had seen God work in some of his peers and wanted to make sure that other students were given the same opportunity.”

Wondering how you can prepare as a family for September 25th? Wiley has a suggestion:

“I would love for parents to simply talk with their children about the event and to encourage their child to consider being involved. I wouldn’t want them to require it but would hope that the student would be compelled to attend because they have a desire. We want those to attend who are moved in their own heart and have a desire to attend. It is a great conversation piece for parents about the Lord, prayer, and standing with others.”