On Tuesday, October 9th, Mrs. Plew’s high school Culinary Arts class headed to College of the Canyon’s Institute for Culinary Education (ICUE) for a day of fine dining and to go behind the scenes of Santa Clarita’s premier culinary school.

“The kids get to experience what a four course meal is like,” shared Mrs. Plew. “Most of the ingredients used in these dishes are new to the kids. They also get to experience how restaurant service works.” Students had a chance to see the culinary students in action and tour where food preparation takes place.

COC’s Institute for Culinary Education is a great destination for students looking to have a career in the food and hospitality business. The program’s award winning ICUE restaurant offers a multiple course meal prepared by the institute’s students. The Culinary Arts class was able to choose between several choices for an appetizer, main course and dessert. Delicacies like autumn arugula salad, diver scallops, and pumpkin crème brulee were served by ICUE students and presented on meticulously set tables.

“Culinary Arts students learned about ingredients they had never heard of,” shared Mrs. Plew. “They also learned about table service and which forks to use for which course.” SCCS students toured the facility after their meal and saw first-hand what the program entails. “They really enjoyed walking through the kitchens and seeing all the students doing some of the same things we do in class” shared Mrs. Plew. 

High schoolers were able to imagine what it would be like to participate in the program themselves. Mrs. Plew added, “Students learned about the courses you would take if you were a student in the COC culinary program. They also learned about the process of planning a large meal like the one at the restaurant.” SCCS’s own Kayla Norton has gone on to be a successful student at the institute.

Culinary Arts COCSCCS offers Culinary Arts to both junior high and high school students. As part of their curriculum students are encouraged to look at serving others, “We learn about hospitality and how food can be used to bless others,” shared Mrs. Plew. 

This is the third year Mrs. Plew has taken her high school Culinary Arts class to College of the Canyons ICUE. “Students learned about the process of planning a large meal at the restaurant and are interested in planning and making one like what we had to share with others,” said Mrs. Plew.

Through lecture and laboratory activities, SCCS culinary students learn how to create edible masterpieces, practice nutritional adequacy, maintain a safe and sanitary work environment and serve food in an aesthetically pleasing manner. 

“I am so grateful for what I have learned in Mrs. Plew’s class,” shared a high school student. “I can actually cook for myself now!”