Kindergarten at SCCS focuses on instilling a love for exploring, growing, and experiencing the world around them for our youngest of learners. Students thrive within an intimate class size and individualized attention from nurturing teachers.

“My daughter started at SCCS as a kindergartener and what stood out to me as a new parent was the small class size and the reading buddy program,” shared Mrs. Aispuro, Kindergarten teacher. “Each Kindergartener is paired with a 3rd grader and they meet a few times a month to read and do activities together. It helps them feel welcomed and make connections at a new school.”

In Kindergarten, hands-on learning and experiences help reinforce educational goals and efforts. From science experiments  to math and phonics games, students are engaged in fun, age-appropriate learning that helps instill a passion for knowledge through a biblical lens.

“For some of our students, this is their first experience being in a classroom,” shared Mrs. Martin, Kindergarten teacher. “Our goal is to establish a love for learning at these young ages in order for this love to stay with them throughout the rest of their school career. More importantly, we want to establish a love for God in our students and point our students to Christ.”

This last week, Kindergarten classes have been enjoying fun science experiments.

“We have been learning about plants, so each student was able to plant seeds and watch their own plant grow continued,” Mrs. Martin. “In addition, we did an experiment where we observed what happened to pumpkin candy corn candies in four different liquids (oil, water, vinegar, and milk) over the span of a week. The students loved seeing the changes that happened to the candies each day.”

On a typical day, Kindergarten students spend time in various centers for math, reading and Bible time. Students learn to read through ABeka, a phonics-based reading program. Lessons in history and social studies are woven throughout the year. Students enjoy enrichment classes such as PE, library, computers, and music. Technology is incorporated throughout the classroom with interactive whiteboards and student iPads for use during learning centers.

“The thing I enjoy most about teaching Kindergarten is Bible time and reading centers,” continued Mrs. Aispuro. “I love hearing the little ones re-tell the Bible stories and I am always amazed at how much they can remember. I’m passionate about early literacy and my goal is to get students excited about reading. It brings me so much joy to see their eyes light up when they read their first word! They get so excited to come show me a sight word they found in a book. I really want their Kindergarten experience to be positive and fun so they can learn to love school which will carry on in their grades to come.”

Kindergarten students at SCCS begin their journey of education within the context of a strong community and family-like setting including weekly chapels, field trips, and school spirit days that help shape that enriched environment.

“Kindergarten is one of the most fun grades to teach,” shared Mrs. Martin. “It is such a joy to see the growth students go through during their Kindergarten year. They grow in so many ways, but it is especially awesome to see their relationship with Christ grow.”

Please consider inviting family and friends to the upcoming Kindergarten Preview Day on Friday, December 6th at 8:15 am. Families can register here for Kindergarten Preview Day. “Early Bird” registration – New families who register between December 6-20th, will receive $100 off the application fee for the 2020-21 school year.

“I would recommend that a family send their child to SCCS starting in Kindergarten because ‘SCCS lifers’ have a strong bond,” continued Mrs. Aispuro. “These students have gone Kindergarten through 12th grade together and share so many memories with their classmates. It’s also a blessing to be on the same campus for these 13 years of school because students have the opportunity to go talk to their past teachers and also build relationships with students of all ages.”